Painful Reminders Of Slavery

So lemme see… Some guy raised in New York, fan of northern sports teams, very controversial, and sued a TV network because it used the logo "Spike TV" went to Mississippi as a guest and demanded the removal of a 110 year old state flag that the voters (1/3rd blacks included!) overwhelmingly approved? Let’s talk about Racist State Flags for a moment, and see how hypocritical these narrow minded preachers of intolerance really are !

The state flags of both New York and Pennsylvania depict masted ships that represent commerce. Designed in the middle to late 1700s, Yankee commerce also included quite a bit of human chattel – AKA slaves. PLUS Pennsylvania’s flag is based on the Penn family coat of arms – BIG TIME slave traders and owners! So those are "Painful reminders of slavery"

Of course there is that ugly green flag out west bearing a famous slave owner, and the state bearing his name "Washington" He even gets the quarter and dollar PLUS a spot on Mt Rushmore. Even DC is named for the slave owner.Yet more "Painful reminders of slavery"

Another symbol of slavery can be located on the Oklahoma state flag. It is the Shield logo belonging to the Osage tribe. Of course numerous Indian tribes owned slaves (Go FSU Noles! Hail to the Redskins!) All hail more "Painful reminders of slavery"

The flag of West Virginia was created when it was admitted to the union by Lincoln as a slave state. The Stars and Stripes was created to represent our nation founded on God and slavery.Can you say "Painful reminders of slavery"?

How many flags of nations in Africa currently deal in slaves and slave trading? 5? 6? Wow, and you whine about a flag used to direct soldiers on a field of battle? Africans are a huge believer in slavery – makes you want to be proud to be called African American, and all it’s Painful reminders of slavery!

The flag of a defeated nation you say? While the Confederate Battle flag was no national flag, perhaps the ideals and heritage of a defeated people carry more weight and honor than the BS forced on them by a "Might makes Right" regime. The remnants of a once peaceful society overran and now dominated by it’s evil northern oppressor have found sanctuary in places like Houston and Garden Grove Ca The South Vietnamese people still cling to their yellow flag with 3 red stripes – but let’s not forget that those same northern oppressors also defeated the United States of America!

Oh, before I forget. For 2 months out of every year most of the world’s population is forced into paying homage to 2 of history’s most notorious slavers – Julius Cesaer and Augustus Cesaer. Can you say July and August?

A few other interesting tidbits on state flags FYI:

Both the Republic of California and Republic of Texas no longer exist, but the flags of those nations still fly.

The state flag of New Hampshire bears the likeness of the Frigate Raleigh. The Raleigh is a national emabarrassment – It’s 1st Captain was a coward and the 2nd Captain abandonded ship after taking some fire – taken by the British and used as a weapon of war against us for the whole Revolutionary War, aiding the Redcoats in capturing Charleston SC. Now there is something to salute.

Consider yourself EDUCATED, and look for me in Mt Zion Georgia under the flagpole flying a Confederate Flag – a slave to the federal government…

Thanks & God Bless

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