Remembering C.S.A. News



I’d like to take the time to mention the C.S.A. News Group, which is now in the process of being updated after a considerable length of time. This group dates back to 25 June 2005, so it is not at all new and even more, C.S.A. News itself was created during December 1989 as a published newsletter. It was the first such publication to propose the liberation of the Confederate States of America, and the filling of the now valid but vacant seats in the Confederate States Government. Howbeit not necessarily in those words!

The original owner was the late Mr. David Martin, one of four men along with their families, who helped found the modern Confederate Movement, the second person being I myself. The newsletter once served as the official newsletter of one of our still existing Confederate Organizations, for approximately a year and a half, after which its leadership established their own.

C.S.A. News has been at the center and foundations of the modern rebirth of the Confederate Cause from the beginning. You can be certain, we will be present for the victory celebrations, after the liberation has become a matter of history.

As the present owner of C.S.A. News I have, shall we say a long term dream, that C.S.A. News might one day be transformed into a slick News Magazine by that same name, in memory of its original owner and Confederate Patriot, the late Mr. David Martin.

He was the first to say the Confederacy is not gone with history, but it is here and now. History may well pass by the little newsletter known as C.S.A. News, and place it in the files of forgotten memories.

But before it does, we should pause to remember, it was on its pages, the Confederate Cause was reborn, after 124 years. Before C.S.A. News, the Confederate Cause was nothing more then a matter of history, a memory of a long ago time and a paradise lost.

It is a direct result of Mr. David Martin and C.S.A. News, that we dare to believe, we could actually liberate the Confederate States of America, and restore the Confederate States Government.

God Save the Confederacy

Thomas E. Guinn
Confederate Legion