Just My Opinion

From: _rebel_withaclue@yahoo.com_


We now have gotten through the big day of gift giving and opening presents, a big dinner with family and friends, phone conversations with people you haven’t talked with for a while, And a renewed faith in God and the knowledge that life is good and we are going to be OK.

The adults are all playing with the toys the kids got, the kids are all playing with the boxes the toys came in, and we all are wishing we hadn’t eaten so much food. But all in all it was a good day. The snow came and went (here anyway), all the trash got taken out, and we have leftovers to last us until next Christmas. So see it ain’t all bad, we have it pretty good.

With the New Year coming let us all remember where we came from. Be proud of your Southern Heritage and the fact that The Good Lord gave you the life you lead. If you are not from the South, Be proud of the Heritage the Good Lord gave you. Your Heritage and ancestors make you who you are, so thank God for that and enjoy life while you can.

Try to do what you feel in your heart is right and stand up for what you believe. Continue defending the Confederate Flag, Heritage, and the True reasons behind it. Stand up against the untruths being thrown in our faces about the South, and never let anyone stop you from doing so by throwing the "racist" label at you. We know that is not what it is all about but the waters seem to continue to be muddied with that label.

We have gone through a lot of different Heritage Violations this past year, and for the most part have stuck together, expressing our opinions by, emailing, calling, showing up at, or whatever it has taken to defend our Heritage in these situations. I mentioned a few months ago that we need to listen to each other instead of correcting each other. We use different terminology at times when saying the same thing, but cant get past the difference in terminology.

When this happens We Are Our Own Worst Enemy as a good friend stated (Thanks PoP). Let’s try to listen to each other because most times we are on the same page.

I have made a lot of good friends here; we have had a few disagreements but for the most part have always been on the same page. I want to thank you all for that and wish you the best The Good Lord has to offer. Jimmy

Deo Vindice