Remember When?


Before there was a NASCAR it was called stockcar racing? Dirt tracks could be found all across the South? Those who raced on them got their driving experience from hauling moonshine on back roads evading the law? The government’s only beef about moonshine was they were not able to REGULATE it & TAX it? Everyone in the yankees’ so – called "civilized world" looked down their noses at stockcar racing and Southerners because of this sport’s beginnings? These same yankees have taken over stockcar racing through this organization called NASCAR & are intent on forcing out the last vestiges of its Southern roots, INCLUDING YOU! The removal of Confederate flags at races is just the first step towards the political correcting of NASCAR. We can either standby & watch as these floodgates open & wash us away or as many have suggested, contact their corporate sponsors, hand out materials to race fans encouraging them to backlash against NASCAR. If all else fails call for a boycott of the sport. Personally I like the idea of having a contingent of Southern Movement protesters at each & every race drawing attention to how NASCAR has turned on the very people who invented it, Southerners, by insisting they not fly Confederate flags at events. There seems to be enough stockcar fans in the Southern Movement to accomplish this just as the flaggers are doing in Georgia. We should never let NASCAR forget this insult, will you?

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama