Good Morning!
Remember to honor our Confederate Soldiers
Today as we begin our day, we should all remember to honor our Confederate Soldiers for their record of virtue, valor, and sacrifice. Our ancestors have left us a strong and great inheritance. They were rich in what really counts in life; things such as character, integrity, honesty, honor, courage, and a great love for God, family, and country. Their memory is cherished and a blessing to each of us and we thank them for the history and heritage they left behind. We all must teach our children and those who follow, to draw inspiration from their lives, and keep the sacred memory of our Southern ancestors who faithfully fought for a just cause. As we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors who have gone before us, we must catch the torch that they have passed on to us. The adversities they faced were far more daunting than any we face today. They persevered in the face of all those adversities, so we must maintain their resolve in our cause to protect and honor our Monuments, our Statues, our Flags, and our Markers. Their blood is our blood. Let each of us proclaim that we are proud to honor their accomplishments and to claim them as the noblest heritage.
~ Eileen Parker Zoellner
Deo Vindice!