Remember the CSS Shenandoah


As the end of October approaches, we should remember Confederate Marine Corp Sergeant George Canning.  He was the last active duty casualty of the War of Northern Perfidy.  Sergeant Canning died on board CSS
Shenandoah October 30, 1865.   Shenandoah was en route to Liverpool, England where it would surrender to the Royal Navy.

CSS Shenandoah wrote the final page of Confederate military history.  On June 28, 1865, Shenandoah captured 10 Union whalers in the Bering Sea near the Arctic Circle.  The crews of these ships were paroled, loaded onto two of the whalers, and told to sail for Hawaii.  The other eight ships became the final addition to the Confederate Navy’s artificial reef program.

CSS Shenandoah then sailed southward along the West Coast of North America contemplating an attack on San Francisco.  Off the California Coast they hailed a British ship and were told the war was over.  Captain Waddell ordered his crew to embark on one of the most grueling voyages in maritime history.  They sailed around Cape Horn and headed for England where they arrived on November 6, 1865.  The crew lived on salt pork and salt beef for months.  Two crewmen died shortly before arriving, and Sgt. Canning was the last to go.  Waddell was not going to let the Yankees have his ship.

On Oct. 30th please Google: YouTube, Celtic woman, Shenandoah.  You will listen to a hauntingly beautiful violin solo of the song Shenandoah.  Then close your eyes and try to imagine the CSS Shenandoah sailing through the Golden Gate with all of her sails out just looking for trouble.  If only.

Sail on Shenandoah
Sail on ye brave hearts

Joe Jordan
Smyrna, GA