Sunday, August 19, 2012

Observation in Reidsville on 19 August

Mr. Townsend,

My name is Roger Idol and I live in Davidson County, NC. I have been reading Free North Carolina for sometime and it has became a daily must for me. When I read about the flagging in Reidsville, I determined to go and support the folks, being unreconstructed myself. Well, the day came and brought with it a fair amount of rain. I decided to make the trip of about 55 miles anyway. By the time I came to Greensboro, it was really putting it down and I figured the event was probably called due to the weather. I kept on as my wife had never seen Reidsville. It was about 2:30 when we arrived at the circle, with light rain coming down. The circle, in fact, the whole area, was deserted. I did see several small battle flags planted in the ground round the circle.

Told the wife at least they had been here! She asked if I wanted my picture took in the circle, to which I agreed. As I was standing there, an old pick-up truck , with a black gentleman driving, came round the circle and honked his horn and gave a friendly salute. Well, let me tell you about the interesting part. When I first parked on one side of the circle, I noticed a Reidsville Police car pull up and park on another side of the circle. No one was around, except me, my wife, and the lone cop, and he was several yards from us. I figured he wanted to see what I was doing in the circle. Well, we left and I told the wife we needed some gas. Drove a couple of miles and filled up, deciding to drive back around the circle. Got back there just a few minutes past 3:00. The flags were gone! No police car to be seen either. Draw your own conclusion.

Sir, why did I write you? Just thinking you might somehow relay this information to some Southern Patriots and just wanted to say how much I enjoy Free North Carolina. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

Roger L. Idol
Lexington, NC