From: [NCSouth] <>
Date: Wed, Jan 14, 2015
Subject: [NCSouth] Reidsville Confederate Monument to be Replaced by Blue Alien Egg

In the Greensboro (NC) News Record, the President of the Reidsville (NC) chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy blasts the City of Reidsville for replacing its Confederate monument with modern "art."  See the complete letter below.

Of course, the City of Reidsville conspired with former NC UDC President Aileen Ezell to remove the monument (which was located in the right-of-way of two North Carolina state highways and thus was state property).  The City signed over a six-figure insurance payoff to Ezell to induce her to claim that the monument was UDC property, paving the way for the City to remove the monument from public property.  Now that the Ezell regime has ended, it’s good to see that the NC UDC leadership is speaking out.



On Dec. 31, W.E. James (I haven’t a clue who this man is but I want to hug his neck.) wrote an article for the Opinion Page of the Reidsville Review. He pretty much nailed my opinion of that sculpture, and I hope many others in Reidsville and Rockingham County.

In fact, he threw in the fact that the taxpayers of Reidsville (you and me) are having to pay for the thing (not to mention the huge flower pot – $1,500 – and the Christmas tree). And if that wasn’t bad enough, all this is sitting on what is left of our monument.

I would have thought better of the thing if it had something to do with honoring our military (past, present, future – men and women), but did it … no. If this is suppose to represent how they (the city council, Reidsville Area Foundation – and basically those who opposed that monument) think of Reidsville now, or better yet how they want others to think of Reidsville to be now and in the future – we are screwed.

They took a perfectly good monument (one made out of Italian carrara marble I might add) and substituted something that came (as Mr. James states in his article) out of a horror show. What were they thinking?

They want closure so bad, they are willing to sacrifice art, our history and heritage for just any little old thing that comes along. That sounds just about typical of Reidsville here of late. They are thinking with something other than their brains. If this is true, ‘Heaven help us all.’

Samyria W. King
President, Rockingham County Chapter, No. 586 UDC