Refusing rights to any race is un-American

In response to Faya Toure’s letter where she rants against whites in general and the Black Belt whites specifically…

She claims that because the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman did not go the way she wanted it to is a result of whites which she describes as a white cancer on America. Yet, in her closing statement, she praises the Declaration of Independence which was written by whites. As a matter of fact, all the laws that give her, her rights and freedoms were written by whites.

My question is, what does the trial of George Zimmerman have to do with Selma or anywhere else besides the one where that incident took place? The bottom line of that trial is, if you don’t want to get shot, don’t physically attack people.

Secondly, she claims it was justice and dignity to interfere with a U.D.C. monument being built to honor Gen. Forrest who was in command of defending Selma during the closing days of the Civil War. In spite of the fact that Gen. Forrest in 1871 was found innocent of all the accusations made against him about being the 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK by a Congressional Committee by his former enemies, who would have hung him had they found one credible scrap of evidence.

Still, she and her followers perpetuate those same lies today regurgitating the NAACP’s partyline in an attempt to erase all Confederate history in the South as was prescribed by the NAACP at their 1991 national convention. It seems the waste of time and money on chasing ghosts of the past would be better spent on actually doing something that benefits blacks today other than fulfilling a fantasy.

I will not attempt to address her many other incoherent babblings about a number of other issues and subjects but, will close by stating that because of her and her followers the white minority in the Black Belt does not enjoy the same rights and dignity. Faya Toure’ and crew refuse those whites the same rights that they claim for themselves. It doesn’t get anymore un-American than this.

Billy E. Price