Ralph Reed’s Fundraiser draws seven times more protestors than attendees

Commentary by Dr. W. H. Swann

What if you had a fund raiser and more protesters showed up than contributors?

Ralph Reed, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, has bragged lately about how his “Grass Roots Campaign” is going to be the key to his success in his primary race against State Senator Casey Cagle. Ralph Reed is of course the former head of the Christian Coalition, and given his recent scandals for lobbying for Indian Casinos it seems that Ralph is really putting distance between his Conservative Christian Image and his current beliefs.

Of course, politicians are well known for sticking a finger in their mouth and holding it up to see which way the wind is blowing and on that basis deciding where they stand on any issue at that particular moment. Their stance changes depending on the group to whome they are speaking, and which way the political wind is blowing at any given time. In that regard, Ralph Reed has learned well from his long-time associations with Republican politicians, up to and including El Presidente Jorge Bush.

On Saturday, May 14th, Ralph Reed was having a fund raising Barbecue at a supporter’s home in rural Paulding County. Mr. Reed’s Campaign announced they had sent out 600+ invitations. In what was surely an oversight on the part of the Reed Campaign staff, they neglected to invite the Georgia Flaggers.

Ralphie Poo, as he is known to some of his staffers, was instrumental in influencing Governor Sonny Perdue to develop amnesia about his promise to the thousands of Georgians that they would have a Fair Vote on the state flag to include the 1956 Confederate Memorial State Flag. Mr. Reed is reported to have convinced Governor Perdue that the Flaggers would forget their anger at his lies long before the Governor had to run for re-election.

Of course, that is similar advice to that followed by ex-Governor Roy Barnes when he changed the State Flag like a thief in the night. We all know how quickly Georgia Citizens forgot about King Roy’s treachery, which is why he is now an ex-Governor.

The Georgia Flaggers, undoubtedly feeling slighted about not being invited to Ralph’s shindig, managed to secure the rights to a vacant lot directly across from the house hosting the Reed fund raiser. Then the Flaggers decided to have their own Barbecue, but the meals would be free instead of the $1000.00 a plate Ralphie Poo was seeking from his supporters.

In the four plus years the Georgia Flaggers have been flagging politicians, the typical crowd is usually around 25 participants. With their flags and signs posted on every available tree or post, and with their bullhorns shouting at the politicians, the Flaggers always seem to be more in number than are actually present. Imagine, then, what it would look and sound like if there were close to a 100 Flaggers. That is the number that showed up for Ralphie Poo’s protest and counter-Barbecue.

It was an unbelievable sight to see almost 100 yards of people holding and waving the real Georgia Flag. Included in that number were 24 young people between ages 14 and 25. My words cannot do the scene justice and I look forward to the posting of photos from the event. They should be out anytime.

The Reed event was to start at 7:00 PM, but at 7:00 PM there were only four cars parked in the yard. Reed himself showed up at around 7:30. All total there were 14 cars or SUV’s that showed up for the Reed BBQ. There were a total, not counting the people who lived in the house hosting the event, of 16 people who showed up for the Reed Fund raiser.

Now we Southern Patriots have been called stupid, and certainly in my case the description is probably dead on, but when I think of a "Grassroots" effort, I think of the tens of thousands of signs that went up and helped defeat King Roy Barnes, and the men who traveled up and down the state’s highways putting those signs up. There were thousands of Southern Patriots involved in the largest most effective Grass Roots campaign in Georgia History. Now Ralphie Poo has redefined Grassroots effort… it is where 8 or 9 people gather together and are afraid to even look at the protesters across the street, and in some cases people saw the Flaggers and turned around and left.

The facts are, folks, if Ralphie Poo can’t attract more than 15 people in a Republican Hotbed like Paulding County, then prospects look much better for Senator Casey Cagle, a southern patriot who does support, and who has voted to return the “Real” Georgia Flag to its rightful place. Looks like Reed’s "grass roots" are really a thin sheet of astroturf.

Remember Ralph Reed, who still parades himself as a staunch Christian, was paid millions to defeat efforts by some Indian Tribes who wanted to open their own Casinos. The millions were paid by Indian Tribes who already have Casinos and didn’t want the competition. Tell all your Christian Friends about Ralph’s situational morality. You know if he is paid enough, he would likely support the practice of witchcraft.

As a Man of GOD I’ve always found that serving GOD isn’t something you can put on or take off at will. You either are serving GOD, or you’re not. The Bible has a word they use to describe sometime Christians, it is hypocrite! Ralphie Poo, the hypocrite, if the description fits, wear it, and if you can’t get more than 15 attendees out of 600+ invitations then you aren’t fooling many people.

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