Redneck Shop Flies Obama-Confederate Flag
Sale Of Controversial Flag Angers Some

POSTED: 6:08 pm EST December 18, 2008
UPDATED: 7:37 am EST December 19, 2008

LAURENS COUNTY, S.C. — A shop in Laurens County that is used to causing controversy is at it again.

This time the controversy surrounds a flag with President-elect Barack Obama’s image on one side and the Confederate flag on the other.

The Rev. David Kennedy said, "It’s another attempt by the KKK to try to insult the black community. They’re very disturbed about a black man being president of the United States of America."

Laurens resident Mary Ross Tucker said, "I think its an embarrassment to Laurens and the city of Laurens."

Resident Letese James said," I think they honestly were trying to be funny and make a mockery of our future president."

Some people in Laurens County are preparing to protest while others are calling on law enforcement and lawmakers to step in.

Kennedy said, "It’s very humiliating. I think the Mayor, the City Council, County Council, all need to make a statement against it — state legislators, and the governor of the state."

The shop has made news locally and nationally before by offending people with "redneck items," but owner John Howard says he’s just "making a dollar."

The flag, made by a company in Georgia, sells for $15. It’s been available at the Redneck Shop for about two weeks, and Howard said it’s selling fairly well.

Though some residents are pushing for law enforcement to get involved with the removal of the flag, the store owner has no plans to take it down.

Kennedy said that he plans to organize a protest against the flag and the shop in the next few days.

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