Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
by Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr.

“The Union is Dissolved!” This was the Charleston Mercury headline for the evening of December 20, 1860. South Carolina had seceded from the Union. The United States were no longer united and would never be again.

South Carolina and the 10 other Southern states who followed her in seceding from the Union were not traitors. Each state now belonging to the Confederacy had left the old Union the same way it had joined – by majority vote of elected representatives. The member states of the Confederacy were not calling for the violent overthrow of the old government. They were simply separating from it, peaceably if allowed. According to our founding fathers and authors Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr., Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists, Southerners were exercising their Constitutional right to form a new government.

The U.S. Constitution was ratified by the 13 original British colonies, now sovereign states with the choice to remain completely independent or join with each other for the mutual edification of all. The Constitution created a democratic republic, a government based on the rule of law, not mob rule or elitist rule. But by the late 1850s, the heavily populated, mostly industrial Northern states were trying to expand the powers of the federal government in order to benefit their industrial benefactors. This they did at the expense of the less populated, mostly agricultural Southern states, which tended to distrust big government. After the 1860 election of a big government radical who promised unconstitutional changes, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee decided it was time to form a new nation, one whose federal government did not exceed the powers granted it by their Constitution –which, by the way – was nearly identical to the old one.

There was one difference, however, as Kennedy and Benson point out. Northern banks and businesses profiting in slavery had refused to allow an end to their profitable African slave trade. The Confederacy put an end it. There were, after all, more sincere (not radical) abolitionists in the South than in the North. More than a few of the South’s greatest generals were abolitionists (i.e., Gen. Robert E. Lee and Lt. Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson). Those who claim Southerners left the Union because they feared Mr. Lincoln might end slavery argue a lie that has been propagated for 145 years. The so-called Civil War was never about slavery, and Mr. Lincoln’s all-powerful federal government didn’t free the slaves. It bought them.

Kennedy and Benson’s research reveals some remarkable facts about Abe Lincoln, his political party and his genocidal army. Lincoln and his party, ironically called Republican, didn’t interpret the Constitution the same way our founding fathers did and were willing to do whatever was necessary to put an end to “states’ rights,” even if it meant killing every Southern man, woman and child, white or black, free or slave.

As noted above, a republic is a nation ruled by law, but the new Republican Party and its leaders would prove to be contemptuous of both state and federal law, especially the Constitution. Consider the doublespeak names communist states, like “People’s Republic of China.” That government doesn’t represent the Chinese people, and it’s certainly no republic. Coincidentally, the supposedly conservative Republican Party we know today can trace its beginnings to the same sort of socialist propaganda. And as Kennedy and Benson point out, it’s just too coincidental that card carrying socialists not only supported Mr. Lincoln’s bid for the White House, they filled the ranks of the army that would destroy the lives of one million Americans.

In 1848 there were 18 socialist and/or communist uprisings throughout Europe, uprisings that had the sympathy of a young lawyer in Illinois. These revolutions all failed, so their leaders fled Europe for the refuge of the United States, settling primarily in the northeast and Mid west, taking occupations in journalism, education and politics – the same professions still dominated by leftwing scumbags today.

Google any of the following names and see what information comes up:

· Friedrich Anneke
· Adolph Douai
· Friedrich Kapp
· Otto Luning
· J.P. McDonnell
· Siegfried Meyer
· Johann J. Most
· Carl Schurz
· Franz Sigel
· Edgar V. Westphalen
· Joseph Weydemeyer
· August Willich

Before you start your research, I can tell you they’re all socialists or communists outright with no love for the U.S. Constitution and venomous loathing for the Holy Bible, though they made this country their home. Many of these “Forty-Eighters” were protégés of Fredrick Engels and Karl Marx himself, who, by the way, wrote at least two letters to Comrade Lincoln and even wrote a eulogy for him upon his assassination.

I won’t attempt to list all the evidence compiled by Kennedy and Benson that prove overwhelmingly that Lincoln’s government and army were not only infiltrated but controlled by socialists, both as immigrants from the failed European revolutions as well as closet socialists here in America (a.k.a., Horace Greeley, Charles Dana, William T. and John Sherman). I will point out a more than coincidental fact about the goals of the communist party and how their goals were met through the direct action of Mr. Lincoln’s big government:

1. An indivisible, all-powerful federal government: Rather than solving the moral issue of slavery, Mr. Lincoln’s War Against the Southern People was a war against the beliefs of our founding fathers and first presidents (i.e., Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Quincy Adams) that the states were bound together so long as they chose to be bound together. In fact, 21 years before South Carolina seceded, John Quincy Adams warned, “…Far better will it be for the people of the dis-United States to part in friendship from each other, than to be held together by constraint” (pg 60). A profound statement made by the authors is found at the bottom of page 188: “Whenever utopian dreamers seize control of government, liberty becomes less important than the well being of government.” These words echo George Orwell’s 1984, in which he says the Party is only interested in perpetuating itself. To do that, it needs ever-increasing power.

2. A heavy, progressive income tax. Kennedy and Benson tell us that prior to Mr. Lincoln’s government, the average American paid only 5 % of his income in taxes. But Dishonest Abe needed funds to pay for his marauding army, so the first income tax was levied and the cornerstone to the Infernal Revenue Service laid. The fact that the U.S. Constitution specifically forbid the federal government from levying a direct tax on the people didn’t bother Mr. Lincoln and certainly not the socialist advisors in his cabinet, in the Congress (minus those pesky Southerners, of course) or backing him in the news media.

[By the way, newspapers that spoke out against Vladimir Lincoln’s unconstitutional actions were censored and legislators who questioned his dictatorial authority were accused of being saboteurs and threatened with hanging.] The income tax Lincoln initiated supports Karl Marx’ words, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Please note something here though. The real power behind these socialists was not the radicals burning homes and churches in the South but those Northern banks and businesses run by the super rich. The income tax system in place to this day is not one of “share the wealth,” but rather, as Gary Allen explains in his book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy, it’s “share your wealth.” The rich are still rich. Anyone who opposes the indivisible, all-powerful government mentioned above will eventually feel the wrath of the almighty IRS (or ATF, FBI or Homeland Security). Ask Creation Science Evangelist, Dr. Kent Hovind. He’s in prison for supposed tax evasion because his ministry (preaching against the state religion of Humanism, or at least o ne of its fundamental doctrines – Darwinism) was not a state-approved church qualifying for tax exemption. Doesn’t this sound like the religious persecution going on in China, where leaders of “House Churches” are arrested for not being a state-approved church? Remember though, China is a communist state. So what does that say about this country?

3. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. In a communist country, the state owns everything, but here we supposedly have the right to own our homes, our businesses, etc. Do we? Try not paying your property tax for a while. So who reall y owns your home? We really don’t own anything, save the clothes on our backs, and in many municipalities, they tax that too. You can also thank Mr. Lincoln’s big government for property taxes and worse. Taking property through property tax was too slow for some of Mr. Lincoln’s socialist supporters. Remember Sherman’s Field Order 15 (40 acres and a mule)? “Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels,” (pg 178) another plank in Marx’ revolutionary document was carried out against the already defeated Southern people by removing their citizenship as guaranteed under the Constitution through the actions of radical abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. Andrew Johnson also supported this policy. Referring to Southerners as traitors, he said, “Treason must be made odious, and traitors must be punished and impoverished” (pg 179). On the contrary, it wasn’t Southerners who were traitors but the socialists in republican clothing that had betrayed the Constitution! As for the property Lincoln’s government stole, for the most part it wasn’t the large plantations of former slave owners. Less than one-fifth of all Southerners owned slaves anyway (another reason those who claim the South was fighting to defend slavery is a lie). Most Southerners were farmers and small business owners. Thousands of Southerners who managed to survive the war had their land confiscated by the Lincoln’s indivisible, all-powerful government. Yeah, I realize the great incarcerator was already dead by this time, but his policies were carried out by his evil disciples. It was the real estate he and his friends wanted all along, and as I said, they intended to get it if they had to annihilate every living soul in the South!

4. Free and compulsory public education. I could park here for a while, but I won’t. Over 90% of Americans were literate 150 years ago; maybe 60% are today. Kennedy and Benson point out that the literacy in the South was higher than most of the country. That’s because they didn’t have compulsory public education back then. Kids were taught at home by mom or in a church-run community schoolhouse. For two decades prior to the war, leftwing radicals had tried to get the government to back public schools, but as there was no need for it – another reason they wanted a bigger, more powerful government, so they could force parents to give up their children in order to indoctrinate them. After the war, they had a whole section of the country imprisoned under military rule, and since these rebels needed to unlearn their crazy notions about states’ rights and especially all the Bible stuff, public schools got their toehold right here. For more information about the history of public education, please read my book, Legally STUPiD: Why Johnny doesn’t have to read, or at least a couple of my NewsWithViews articles, “Different but Equal, Parts I & II.”

I’ve read where three of every five Southern men who survived the war at all were missing an arm, leg, eye or some other body part. Many returned home to no home at all, finding it either burned or confiscated by carpetbaggers or scallywags. To add to this insult, what families could be re-united found their children being herded off to public schools where they could be re-educated, “cured” of the thought crimes of believing in states’ rights or any other strict interpretation of the Constitution and especially the Bible. For all our los ses though, Northerners actually lost more. That’s right. I’m not talking about the fact that they suffered more battle casualties. The people in the supposedly victorious North to this day think they won something, when in fact they lost everything. Their precious Union died that December evening in 1861 and despite the best efforts of their bloody bayonets, there is still no unity!

I can’t say enough to commend all the scholarship behind Red Republicans, and I encourage freedom-loving American to read it. It’s available through Barnes and Noble Books-A-Million’s online stores, and, with the cover price ranging from $21.95 to $24. Get a copy and learn the truth about the most turbulent part of American history, and you’ll understand the source of all the social and political ills we’re still suffering today.

RC Murray
Former Public School Teacher

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