Karl Marx and “Reconstruction”–Yesterday and Today

By Al Benson Jr.

In his rather infamous book “Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution” James M. McPherson has enthusiastically quoted Karl Marx’s remarks about Abraham Lincoln. McPherson was one of the first people I read, years ago now, that openly admitted the Lincoln/Marx political love-fest. He quoted Marx  when Marx referred to Lincoln as “…the single-minded son of the working class” who has led his “country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.”

The key words here are “reconstruction of a social world.”

You can argue about what Marx meant all you want, but it is of interest to note that when the radical Northern government imposed its program of “change” upon the Southern states after the War, they called it “reconstruction.” A sheer coincidence, many will say. Others with more of a suspicious bent are not all that sure about that.

It would seem that the comments of communists bear out the concerns of those with suspicious minds. In his book “Reconstruction–The Battle for Democracy” author James Allen has written: “With the defeat of the South on the battlefield and the emancipation of the slaves the revolution had completed only its first cycle. The slave owners had been conquered and the institution of chattel slavery had been abolished. A new phase, involving the complete transformation of southern society now opened.” Interestingly enough, Mr. Allen’s book (James Allen is only a pseudonym) was published by International Publishers in New York, which was a Communist publishing house.

Allen stated plainly that the main goal of all this was the “complete transformation of southern society.” That’s what “reconstruction” was always all about–the cultural genocide of a mostly Christian society and the replacing of it with an alien society–at least socialistic, if not Marxist, in its intent. Although this is often stated in different ways it usually all amounts to the same thing. A website, http://www.broowaha.com contains an article called “Laissez-Faire Liars which plainly states: “It is at this time in American history we see the true origins of national social justice movements. Out of Reconstruction came our first national education laws, along with national civil rights, workers rights, housing rights, child welfare rights, and women’s rights movements…It was the Reconstruction era that brought rise to modern Progressivism, social justice movements and American liberal policies in general.” Bet that’s not what your “history” books told you, is it? They probably informed you that “reconstruction” was implemented to “rebuild the South after the war.” If that’s what you were taught, that’s one Yankee fable you need to start unlearning right now. Reconstruction was brought to the South to change your culture and the culture and worldview of your children–just as Marx stated. You notice the South got “national education laws” and national civil rights, child welfare, women’s’ movements and all the rest. National, not state or local, national–straight from Washington, just like today. This article plainly tells you that “reconstruction” brought “rise to modern Progressivism” (socialism). “Reconstruction” paved the way for modern socialism in this country. That was its intention, and the intention of those that foisted it upon the South first, and eventually they “spread the reconstruction” around so the whole country has now gotten a dose of it. You wonder about the results of “reconstruction”? Look at the Marxist regime you have in Washington today. That’s the result of “reconstruction”!

Even Wikipedia gives you some truth in this area, though you have to dig it out from among the thorns and rocks. They have an article posted about leftist educator W. E. B. DuBois in which they say: “…in his epic work “Black Reconstruction” DuBois  documented how black people were central figures in the American Civil War and Reconstruction…He provided evidence to disprove the Dunning School theories of Reconstruction, showing the coalition governments established public education in the South, as well as many needed social service programs. He demonstrated the ways in which Black emancipation–the crux of Reconstruction–promoted a radical restructuring of United States society…” Notice how the article admits that “reconstruction” radically changed society not just in the South, but in the whole country. In other words, the entire country is in the process of having one form or another of cultural genocide perpetrated upon it. No one is arguing with emancipating the slaves, but it seems that the Northern Yankee/Marxists have used that as a cover to implement a whole bunch of other changes which have caused us nothing but misery and confusion.

The public school movement has not contributed to our enlightenment. Indeed if you succumb to the blandishments of public school “history” books you will end up more ignorant than people 200 years ago were. The “women’s rights” movement was, in the 1800s, strongly influenced by Spiritualism and in the 1900s has been influenced by many noted leftist personalities. “Civil rights”, worker’s rights, and child welfare rights have only multiplied the areas that the federal government has stuck its long nose into. “Reconstruction” has gotten the federal camel’s nose well into the private tent and with federal bureaucrats shoving him from behind, the entire camel will soon be in.

Can this all be what Marx meant by “the reconstruction of a social world”? I believe this is exactly what he meant, and for whatever reasons, whatever Marx wanted, the feds have given him and his followers.

Keep in mind that Marx’s agenda was not his own. He was hired by The League of the Just (Illuminati) to write “The Communist Manifesto.” Do those folks have an agenda for this country today? Indeed they do, and in our day that agenda is implemented by organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Cultural genocide is still the name of the game–the destruction of Christian culture, not just in the South now, but country-wide.

And what is their program for the Christian church? Neutralization for now, the same thing they did to the church in the South after the War. Will it work? Not in the long run, but look at where much of the church is today and you have to admit that it might work in the short run. What should Christians do? How about Ephesians 5:11?

Content ©2011 Al Benson Jr.

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