Message from Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy

My Fellow Citizens,

I hope by now you have heard about the Walter D. Kennedy G.O.P. Presidential Exploratory Committee. More than anyone else, I want you to understand what this is all about and that is why I am sending you this e-mail.

Many years before Ron and I wrote The South Was Right, we often talked about why the South is treated as a political stepchild in America. The answer to that question filled us with anger and determination to rectify that problem. The answer to the question of why the South is being treated as a stepchild is “Because we are a defeated people.” For the past forty years Ron and I have struggled to reawaken in the hearts and minds of our people the repressed desire to once again be a free people, thus our first book, The South Was Right!

The importance of that simple statement can not be over emphasized! Look at the roll call of Southern men among the very foundations of our country. Patrick Henry who uttered the words that stirred the spirit of Freedom. Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence. George Washington who led the Colonial Army to victory. The list goes on and on. Southern Heritage is a foundation of American Liberty and one can not understand our Founding Principles without an understanding of Southern Heritage.

In chapter 14, ‘Summary and Call to Action’ we state: “What is needed is not more power but the will to use the power at hand! The choice is now yours—ignore this challenge and remain a second-class citizen, or unite with your fellow citizens and help start a political revolution.” The campaign before you is an element in that “political revolution.”

As is pointed out in The South Was Right, no one will defend our Rights and promote the cause of American Liberty except one of our own. We cannot depend upon “good Republicans” because their allegiance is not to the South, American Liberty or the Constitution but to the Party of Lincoln and reelection. I hope to change all of that and force the Republican party to debate the real issue – Restoring Our Founding Principles.

Here in a nutshell is what this campaign is all about. By contending in the Republican Party’s primaries, we will be taking our message about real State’s Rights and American Liberty to our fellow conservative citizens and especially Southerners. For the past forty years the voting public has not heard this message. We will have the chance to put our message before those people who are not members of any Southern heritage organization and, therefore, need to hear our point of view.

Remember, this message will be something new for many of these people. Forty-two years ago when I first heard this message I was shocked and rejected both the message and the messenger. It was only after thoughtful consideration that I understood that the message was correct and I was wrong. Until we get our message out to the broad mass of voters, they will never have the opportunity to react as I did—the longer we delay in getting our message out, the less likely we will be successful in our lifetime. In this type of campaign we only lose the election if we don’t get our message out to our fellow Southerners. We only lose if once again, the true issues are not included in the political debate of the upcoming election. We only lose if once again, the people are only given the choice of “more of the same” or “more of the same.”

If we can convince enough of our fellow citizens to support this effort, we can launch a campaign that will shake the Party of Lincoln to its core. Think of the possibilities of having political ads run in your community that demonstrate that Appomattox is the source of every problem facing Americans today: illegal immigration, welfare, inflation, undeclared wars, abortions, heavy-handed taxation and many more problems can be solved by undoing what Lincoln and his invading army did at Appomattox. What will the Republicans do when true conservatives win a large percentage of votes in Dixie?

How will they deal with our message and how will their enemies react to the mortification and shock of neo-con Republicans because of the Southern revolt? What will the “talking heads” on T.V. say about the “Southern Question” that this campaign will have placed on the national political agenda? I understand that these people will not defend our movement or us but at last, our fellow Southerners will understand that there are Southerners who are giving notice to the world that the status quo is unacceptable. One thing that will help shape the response to this campaign is the thought that “these people might try a third party effort in the South!” Remember, it is the South that has given the Party of Lincoln and its neo-cons bosses their majority status and White House victories. Today, we have the ability of holding the Party of Lincoln hostage, let’s not let them off the hook.

Please take the time and look at my web page and review our goals and platform. To move this effort from an exploratory committee to a full campaign I need at least 1500 fellow Southerners to make a donation/pledge of $100. This can be done via PayPal, check, or our “easy payment plan” (Liberty on the installment plan). Without your support this effort will not go forward. Remember that the French Nationalists of Quebec started just like this in 1964; they only won 4% of the vote in that election but today they own Quebec. Much the same can be said about Scotland. When will they say the same about Dixie? We are not too poor, we are not too few, and we are not too weak to get this job done. Will you help?

Walter D. (Donnie) Kennedy

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