Received from AZ–SCV


The SLRC is currently pursuing a case in South Carolina for Mr. Darryl and Pricilla Hardwick on behalf of their daughter Candice for her right to wear a Confederate T-shirt to school. This case has been going on for quite some time but the Media continues to pound on this young lady and her family. They have stood strong so far, but now they are in need of our moral support. I would sincerely appreciate your taking a minute to send them a message that we are standing behind them and praying for them. Please indicate the state where you live so they know that this is more than just local support.


Hello to the Hardwick family,

I am Silas Griffin of SE Arizona. I am a school teacher, historian, writer and Southern Culture and Heritage activist. My family and I support you in your battle for freedom in the Southern Heritage struggle. I received the above e-mail from the Arizona Division of the SCV of which I am an active member. The CSA flag is NOT representative of racism, bigotry, or hate. Our Southern ancestors gave their all for the fight to keep and maintain the freedoms of all Americans. Don’t give up, keep your heads up. We support the SLRC, they are fighting for all of our freedoms, we always support you and your family, and we support the UDC and SCV.

Our prayer — "Lord, be with and uphold our friends and compatriots – the Hardwick family in South Carolina. Supply their every need. Our friends are under an attack from people who care not for the truth or our freedoms or Southern culture and we ask you for physical sustenance and spiritual grace in the hour of trouble for the entire Hardwick Family. Bless each of the Hardwicks in this time of stress, manifest your great love for each member of this precious family and guide them through the stormy night to a day of victory. May the enemy of our God and our country, be confounded and retreat in the face of courage and truth. Be gracious to your servants and followers — we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

"Let God be true and the enemy a liar."

Please stay in touch.

Silas Griffin
Douglas, AZ