Update about ‘Rebuttal to Remake the Confederate Memorial Carving on Stone Mountain’

As of this date our petition has 1634 to save the memorial carving on Stone Mountain here in Georgia US and their’s has 645 to have the carving removed. This is great news for the time being, but they are continuing to push their petition and we still anticipate a huge increase in their signatures given the intervention of the NAACP or a variety of other special interest groups. We are entertaining the notion of again pushing our petition as much as we don’t want to bother people with such. But, they have redirected their petition to all the black legislators in the state as well as Jimmy’s grandson Jason Carter that’s running for governor. So, this says to me they have no intentions of pulling their petition nor stopping their assault on our famous carving. Its worth saving for the future generations to enjoy. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the efforts of everyone fighting the battle to save history for the ages. You can also help in the fight by recruiting signatures and forwarding to all your friends the link to our petition to save the carving. Sincerely Greg and Chan Roach Deo Vindice.
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