It’s time for The Commercial Appeal to consider dropping Wendi Thomas as a columnist. Her Jan. 13 column "Forrest marker stopped by black man" was nothing more than a vile outburst of deep-seated hatred toward our nation’s history. Her words and references were even dripping with hints of her own racism.

The bloodiest war in our nation’s history ended in 1865. It was a war fought over deep-rooted principles; where both the North and the South were right, while at the same time, both sides were also wrong. Thousands of Americans, Union and Confederate, gave their lives on and off the fields of battle. The final outcome of the war is simple. Prior to the Civil War, we were nothing more than a collection of individual states, each with its own self-serving interests. However, the deaths of hundreds of thousands did not go in vain. Those who served and died on both sides did so with honor. Our deep history of the Civil War serves as a monument to our nation’s rebirth. With the sacrifice and courage of the veterans of this war, we finally became the greatest nation in history, with all of our citizens standing together under a single flag.

More than 147 years later, there are still public parks on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line named after their Civil War leaders. Forrest Park is one of them. It is part of our history and that fact cannot change, no matter what Thomas and Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey may think.

Our community would be better served in the future if Thomas could actually write columns to shape our yet-to-come history and bring all the citizens of Shelby County together, rather than just keep dividing us with her "professional racism" and bitterness about the past.

Henry Davis