In response to Ms Diane Roberts’ article of the 18th instant, “As Rebels yell, few listen” she makes allusion to “historical” facts though selectively, ending with General Robert E. Lee’s quote “make your sons Americans”. She either shows her ignorance with regard to real historical fact or she has chosen to ignore facts that refute or at least combat the stereotype she seeks to promote. Further, she does not realize that her use of the name Rebels as a proper noun and in a title requires capitalization of the name. How can we take one serious when she doesn’t follow proper editorial form and research her facts?

"A symbol of racism and hatred?"

Many times, the opponents of Southern Heritage and History (heritage and history capitalized intentionally) want to castigate the Confederate Battle Flag and label it as a symbol of hate and racism… a “painful reminder of slavery”. Yet, those very same people claiming to be offended by it are the very same ones demanding that every museum and War Between the States battlefield carry a slave interpretation. Further, they either fail to recognize, or acknowledge, that the Flag of the United States (the Stars and Stripes) has been utilized as a standard for hate groups and adopted by the same more often that the CBF or any of the American Southern national Flags. While the United States Flag flew over slavers (slave ships) and protected slavery for nearly ninety (90) years, the Confederate National Flags were the ensigns for a Nation which had slavery as an institution for four (4) years. Not one slave was imported on a ship flying under any Southern Flag. Further, the United States Constitution protected slavery while the Confederate Constitution not only banned the importation of slaves but provided a time-line for its full abolition. In fact, the US Congress, in an effort to bring the first seven (7) seceded States back into the Union, passed the first Thirteenth (13th) Amendment on 16 March 1861. This amendment protected into perpetuity the institution of slavery. The CBF was and remains the soldiers’ and sailors’ Flag and should be accorded the honor of any Flag which men fought and died under and for. It is a Veterans’ Flag!

“…make your sons American.”- Gen’l R.E. Lee

Ms Roberts was quick to quote General Lee’s comment to “…make your sons American”. Here again, she either is ignorant of historical fact or chooses to avoid it because truth is seldom sensational and almost never politically correct.

A quick examination at the rolls of CMH (Congressional Medal of Honor) recipients and military personnel will reveal that the majority of those who have defended your freedom to be selectively tolerant and selectively recognize diversity and are now doing so are of Southern ancestry. It was Southern blood shed at San Juan Hill, the Argonne Forest, Belize and other places in every major conflict this Country, the United States, has been embroiled in; and the Confederate Battle Flag was present. The CBF has been carried by Southern Troops on every battle field we have shed blood on since the WBTS. Southern soldiers carried it and died with it at the liberation of France and Italy. They kept Hitler at bay in England and carried the CBF into Berlin. Southern Troops carried and died with it at Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Midway; and carried it into Tokyo. Southern Troops carried it on the field at Pork Chop Hill and Hill 11 in Korea. The CBF was at Khe Sanh and Tet and Southern Troops were proud once again to die with it. Southern Troops carried it in Panama and the CBF was present when the Marine Barracks in Beirut was bombed, and Southern Troops again died. Southern Troops carried the CBF and died with it in the first part of the Gulf War just as they are doing now in this second part of the same conflict.

In every war and in every engagement, it has been the Southern soldier, sailor and marine who has stood the tallest and proudest and proclaimed to the world, “I am an American and Southern Soldier and I will fight and, if need be, die for my Country."

We have made our sons and daughters American yet the way you repay us is by stripping away the only vestiges we have left… our Southern & Celtic Heritage and History. Where is the outcry of those same sentiments with regard to a Flag that has been present and used for more human rights violations than the CBF? I believe we have fulfilled General Lee’s admonition to the nth degree.

“Tolerance and Diversity? For Who?”

Everyone is hollering about tolerance and diversity for all people. Tolerance and diversity for who? It appears that everyone does not include those of us who are of Southern ancestry. Our Heritage and History is very American and something to be very proud of yet, you would strip us of the same equality you desire. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two (2) supposed “Christian” ministers, preach hate towards anyone who would stand in their way of promoting an agenda of one melanin (skin color) over another. It is politically correct and advantageous to espouse disdain for all things Southern and Confederate and suicide of the same political agenda to espouse fairness for all if that fairness includes the Southern, Confederate, Christian Culture and Community.

The philosophy of the “Doctrine of Tolerance and Diversity” is hypocritical and fraught with heresy at best. It fails to accept and acknowledge all people and their Culture, Heritage and History. Until it is truly inclusive of all people, there will never be true “tolerance and diversity”.

Help us restore the honor and integrity that has been systematically stolen and its destruction attempted.

Kevin Spargur
Jacksonville, Florida