County Cork Rebels supporters in America attacked in media
Mr. O’connell,
The good folks at 5 Old Wood Road are correct. The Rebels of County Cork, Ireland, do in fact exist and have won the latest Gaelic Hurling Championship. The teams colours are in fact red and white, and yes, fans of the Rebels in the stands do wave, among other items, Confederate Battleflags to cheer their team on. How do I know? I not only have friends in Ireland that reside in County Cork, but they have sent me various flags over the years, one of which is a specialised flag incorporating the County Cork municipal logo and the Rebels colours.
Based on the neighbours statements, the Whites seem to either hail from, or have ties to, the British Isles. I will truthfully admit that your story serves a radical leftist agenda that brings negative publicity to an innocent and harmless couple, while listing their address in media outlets for possible retaliation from leftist thugs. While intentioned or not, certainly you and your employer would have more articles to print should a brick thru the window, vandalism, drive by shooting, or arson occur to the Whites – created by you!
I seriously doubt news is so slow in Framingham that one must resort to such tactics, but nowadays it is no shock that media does in fact engage in those very tactics. It took me approx. 3 minutes to pull this pictures up from the internet, which was not present in your attack piece. Hmmmm….
OK Here in this picture we see flags and various items for sale to Hurling teams fans. Take special notice of the Confederate Battle Flag just left of center . County Cork has earned the name "The Rebel County" and while not related to that, Irish born Confederate General Patrick Cleburne was born on St Patrick’s Day in County Cork.
Perhaps you should broaden your narrow worldview and leave the thuggery to gangstas and others like ACORN and SEIU. At the bare minimum, the Whites deserve some apology with the same public gusto you used to ‘threaten’ them.
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Carrollton Georgia