The Rebels revel again


At a time when the two-party political cartel (Demicans and Republicrats) are showing their true colors in the bipartisan wrecking of the American way of life, we who embrace political incorrectitude will be holding two very real and genuine parties of another kind:  annual Christmas gatherings of the South Carolina Conservative Action Council and friends.

The first will be held NEXT SATURDAY, Dec. 10, at the Quality Inn in Easley, SC — well-known location of many meetings including early SCLOS convocations. Come about 6 PM. Admission AND FOOD are free — donations are welcome to the BBQ fund but not required. An extra-extra-special speaker is lined up, a legend in the Cause who is rarely heard in public address — in addition to the Southern Legal Resource Center’s equally renowned lead attorney Kirk David Lyons. There will be drawings for fun gifts and a great time had by all.

ZIP code for Mapquest = 29640-3871.

The following Thursday we’ll repeat the event with different speakers in Columbia, SC, also 6 PM at another location that is storied in recent Confederate history — the Lizard’s Thicket, 2240 Airport Blvd, West Columbia. There will be free food, but the extent of it is still being worked out.

ZIP code for Mapquest: 29640-3871


Questions? Give me a buzz —

Nelson Waller (8564) 356-9966