Rebel Flag


Mr. Davis,

I read your letter to the editor relative to the confederate flag. Every point you make echoes the NAACP’s invented arguments as part of its campaign against the south’s most famous symbol, all of them are opinion, and none are based in fact.

One of the tactics the campaign uses most often to try to discredit the confederate flag is to try to get people to associate it with the most discredited flag in history–the swastika. The late Maynard Jackson, former mayor of Atlanta, may have been the first to use the tactic. Pure invention, there is no comparison. In fact, the Jewish community around the world were great supporters of the confederacy. I wonder how many of them are outraged every time they see that charge by people like you.

No one doubts that slavery was one major cause the south seceded, but it is not why the war was fought. The war was fought almost entirely to keep the union together, and any claim otherwise is either done out of ignorance of the truth or a deliberate effort to promote a lie. In fact, in 1864, President Davis sent Duncan Kenner to London with a proposal to end slavery after the war if England and France would recognize the Confederate States. The South was more interested in its independence than preserving slavery. Vice President Alexander Stephens was against secession, and said that slavery was more secure in the union than out of it in 1861.

As for the flag itself, most of the world, most of the country, and most southerners view the flag for what it is. It is the symbol of the south itself. Until this really horrendous campaign against it, the flag was a unifying symbol for all southerners and remains one for most of us.

It is also the greatest symbol of freedom, individually, and yes, "rebellion" on the planet. When the Polish shipyard began the rebellion against the Soviety Union in the early 1980s, they had no banner of their own. But they knew what symbols really mean: they raised the Confederate Battle Flag over the Gdansk shipyard and formed Solidarity. In the celebrations which brought down the Berlin Wall, there was the confederate flag flying with every other banner.

Randolph Phillips, AB, history
Shiloh, GA

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