Friday, April 9, 2010

The real danger in Va. governor’s Confederate History Month

Here’s one defender of the globalist regime who understands what’s at stake in the uproar over remembering Southern history:

What’s important about 2011?

It’s the start of the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Civil War, as McDonnell put it in his proclamation.

In other words, the Civil War and its importance in U.S. history — why it was fought, etc. — will be on the front burner with a lot of historians and, presumably, with a lot of Americans (especially younger children studying history in schools, you would think).

So it’s important that the Civil War be talked about in context — even as some in Texas and other states are again talking about whether it would be a good idea to secede.

He’s right, of course. Once a new generation, a generation groaning under the weight of a top-heavy, meddlesome, centralized regime, scrutinizes the issues and facts of the WBTS, a terrible thing will happen (or wonderful, depending on whether you’re with the regime or against it) — eyes will be opened to the pro-government propaganda that’s replaced true history, and millions will reclaim a priceless legacy.

The dangerous truth the editorial writer fears is that Americans will discover they’re not confined to voting for one of two regime-approved mouthpieces, that the right of self-determination is as real today as it was in 1776 or 1861.

God bless the Sons of Confederate Veterans for fulfilling their Charge to vindicate the Cause for which the South fought.

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