Today we see efforts being made from one section of American society (NAACP, SCLC, SPLC, etc, etc.) that would re-write or eradicate everything associated with the Old South. Confederate flags, music, books, etc, etc. are not only being banned in public schools but, in American & Southern minds. Nazi Germany started out burning books, banning music & outlawing Jewish symbols.

There are many parallels between the plight of Jews in early Nazi Germany what is shaping up against Southerners in America today. Has the Federal government turned a deaf ear & blind eye to these happenings? Is the US government going to stop these Un-Constitutional acts against my section of the country people or does it support these actions?

So far the US governments silence on this subject has been deafening. Just like Nazi Germany turned its head when the thugs were in the streets violating the rights of German Jews who were German citizens. Many will say that my description of what is happen in Dixie today is " overstated "………….is it? After the Jews in Germany had finally been dehumanized & everything about them was demonized ( like Southerners today ) and there was nothing about them left to attack but, they themselves they were carted off to the Death Camps for extermination.

Like us they to had a window of opportunity to either try to change things or get out. Like most Southerners the Jews of early Nazi Germany could not fathom or believe the final fate that awaited them. Do not say that the same thing could not happen to Southerners in America today when our history, heritage, culture & symbols are being removed on an almost daily basis. If we do not petition government from our town & county levels up to the US government for the protection of our rights while we have the chance, will the next knock be on our doors?