Re: The unrepentant South


Why an Irish Newspaper would send a reporter "across the pond" to hammer the South is beyond me. I would think that they’d have enough to worry about being in up to their ears in debt as they are!?

Ms. Marlowe,

Caught your tear-jerker article about the "Unrepentant South" and couldn’t stop laughing. The Irishmen I know have ba**s so I find it surprising that a paper calling itself "The Irish Times" would have a bed-wetting liberal pimp like you writing for it. The black people in the ghetto sell drugs to survive? ROFL! You’re kidding, right? “White mens keepin de blak mens down,” eh? Same old sob story, same old excuse.  They’ve been using it for 150 years and look where it’s gotten them. And stupid white people like you continue to buy into it and continue to encourage them. Where I come from, we call people like you “enablers”!  Those black people who’ve stopped using that excuse have done well for themselves. Those who have continued to use it end up selling baskets (or drugs) while their sons and daughters get killed by gang violence.  That’s it in a nutshell and it ain’t my fault!

And as far as the war goes, we celebrate it because we believe now, as we did then, that the right to govern oneself is worth celebrating, and worth fighting for. There did not have to be a war, differences over slavery notwithstanding. All the North had to do was simply "leave us alone" and let us go our own way in peace. Jefferson Davis said it,
Judah Benjamin said it, Mary Chestnut said it, Patrick Cleburne said it, as did tens of thousands of other Southerners, "simply leave us alone."  But the North could not. It would not. Instead, it invaded us! And so there was a war.

Expect no apologies from us. Expect no repentance from us. Expect that we will instead tell you where you can stick your sanctimonious drivel each time you publicly decide to dish it out.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY