Re: To be or not to be Confederate


To anyone interested,

About a year ago, some of you may recall  an e-mail to another Southerner that was posted in the SHNV that expressed my  disappointment in discovering that so many of the Southern states included  slavery language in their secession documents.  I was so disappointed that I no longer considered myself a…….>>>

NW COMMENTS: I’ve got some good news for you, friends! Southern slavery is completely irrelevant to anything. The North had slaves, the North sold the South its slaves, the North has shown the greater hypocrisy and
moral corruption by waging a monstrous war on their fellow Americans over a made-up slave issue and pinning the whole slave thing on the South ever since.

Or should one say it’s the yankees that have done so? Either word will do since it’s largely Zoo York yankees that have run the defamation machine from Hollywood for most of the past century, the other pincer to
the news industry which they also ultimately control.

In any conflict or trial (which is what this really is) if the accuser is found to be as guilty as the accused, it’s over. If the accusation turns out to apply to most of humanity, it should properly get laughed out of court and off the stage of history. That’s Southern slavery!  Which countries in the world were *not* known to have been involved in slavery up through the mid-19th century?

See? The Southern slave thing is a completely contrived, artificial, FAKE non-issue. Slavery was a fact of life for the USA at large back then but lots of other countries too. In accusing the South of slave-guilt, the yankees of the time were libeling the best Americans then alive and throwing a whammy on this country’s politics for the next
150 years – maybe forever if we don’t get our heads together immediately.

We are discussing this thing over and over for generation after generation of time, arguing about it, trying to work through it et al., but for ONE reason ONLY: the victors write the history books. It is no cliche, it’s what’s really at work here. They’re still calling the tune, we’re still dancing to it – it’s no more noble or glamorous than that.

Now, maybe that dance is a perfect metaphor for our people’s situation — ALL our problems are due to the fact that we’d rather wallow than fight and demand what’s ours, including the historical record.

To worry over the fact that Lee and Stonewall had slaves and may have partly fought for the right to keep them (IMO, they did) is unthinkable.  The bottom line is not that slavery is such a terrible evil (quite frankly, it wasn’t in Dixie) and we’ve all got to find some way to hate ourselves over it — the bottom line is that all context has been
DELIBERATELY and TACTICALLY removed from the subject.

That is because the people (if that’s what they are) running everything today decreed long ago that America must be smashed to pieces, and they scientifically determined that the quickest route to that goal was by
hammering the most vulnerable part of our psyche, the race thing.

If you’ll notice, everything about ameriKa is correspondingly being slain on the altar of "diversity". Slick Willy decreed that the world was no longer to have any monoracial countries, thus his Constitution-crushing Monica War against ex-Yugoslavia and his own part in bombing countries guilty of living in or near the Mideast while
goyish (an age-long project mendaciously rebranded the "war" on "terror").

"Civil rights" have replaced the Bill of Rights because, after all, whites owned black slaves and that must be made to define everything about everybody for the rest of time. Somali Bantus are being imported to replace white Americans because, after all, whites are guilty of slavery, racism etc. and need to show the world that "he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother".

Those who feel bad about Southern slavery might as well take all their money out of the bank and hand it directly over to the Mexican gangs in their neighborhoods — that is what the TV producers that gave Southerners the slavery complex would love most.

The fact is that yankee slave crimes are much vaster than even the above. How many of the basics need one rehash? Should we start each SHNV installment with links to articles on the Manhattan Slave Burial Ground
(where actual slave remains discovered a few years ago proved heartbreaking institutionalized neglect and abuse), the New Jersey slave farms, the huge former slave plantations of New England (where slaves
were REALLY the most friendless people on earth), the laws forbidding former slaves from entering certain yankee states after the war, the North as hotbed of KKK activity?

Well, maybe that would be a good idea! It would put those key resources in the hands of anybody writing an offending editor, politician or teacher, and liberate each new subscriber at the starting gate.

I mention the KKK strictly to show yet further what flaming hypocrites and anti-humans yankee ideologues really are. They are the real racists, haters, bigots, discriminators, segregators, and slavemongers, yankeeland is in fact an intellectual toxic dump spreading from Maine to Calif. and polluting the world without letup. Talk about an "odious blight on the universe"!

yankees want to enslave everybody. That’s why they pound the supposed slave guilt of others — to hypnotize them into vulnerability, just as a mugger whacks his mark over the head before attempting to rob him.

Some will chuckle at mention of the IRS here, but the IRS is one of the most enslaving entities in human history. It is a blight on the soul and body of this country — and it was another gift of the Lincoln administration. Its first commissioner was George Boutwell, 20th governor of Taxachusetts. The present commish is Douglas Shulman, a good Irish boy with a B.A. from Williams College, an M.P.A. from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. Wikipedia’s article on the IRS is typically warped and government-adoring but the income tax’s yankee origins and impetus does come through (Presidents Roosevelt and Taft etc.). Surely we’ve noted here the statistics proving that Southerners
are disproportionately targeted for audits and other forms of tax harassment? And where do you think most tax-liberation and other freedom-oriented organizations are headquartered? Dixie, of course — most notably the Patriot Network, founded by the late, great Dr. Robert Clarkson here in Anderson, S.C. over 30 years ago and still going strong.

Southern slavery is completely irrelevant. We don’t have to put up with the subject any longer than we wish. Southern slavery is irrelevant — a firewall against the exposure of yankee crimes of all types. Southern
slavery is irrelevant.

Southern slavery is irrelevant – except as a point of comparison against the real, brutal kind that Yankees perpetrate worldwide, going back a third of a millennium. And in that context Southern slave truth deserves
a long, illustrious career.

I’m not mocking rodbren at all, merely trying to set the record straight and free the real slaves from their imaginary chains. rodbren says in the end “Maybe I’m Confederate, too, after all” – that’s good, because
for us to lose even ONE family member over a bunch of 150-year-old war crapaganda would be an outrage.