Re: Thoughts    
Eric has stated much of the frustration that many of us must be feeling.  I started trying to recruit loyal Southerners to action in the late 60’s.  I joined the SCV and stayed active for a few years but found it unproductive back then as a means toward Southern independence.  Several years ago I launched Commemorating Southern Arms with a website through this forum.  (I know nothing about web sites and the fellow that helped moved on with other priorities in his life.)  The web hosting company folded and the website disappeared.  A couple of years ago following carpetbagger governor Kaine’s announcement that "ole Virginny" was dead I got some more help and re launched the organization, once again through this forum. (  To this date no one has contacted me to assist, join, or even inquire.(This may be my fault, as I said I know nothing about using web sites and promoting them.)
Chuck does a great job of informing the faithful and I am grateful for his time and efforts.  But how many of us actually exist?  How many of us that wish to step out of cyber land and stand for Dixie’s land actually exist?  I’m in my 50’s and am probably a generation closer to family who fought for our independence (my great-grandfather was the youngest of my ancestors to serve and my father remembered him and his stories.   I remember his daughters and their stories about their father and grandfather.)    I’ve tried to pass the legacy on to my children.  But when my generation is gone our people will be so ill educated and indoctrinated that we as a people will soon cease to exist.
We as a people are being diluted.  Our states are under a dual invasion.  People from the north have moved into our states.  While some of these people have embraced the South and made this their home many try to change our homeland into a mirror image of the northern city or town from which they came.  Baseball leagues lose their name, Boy Scout councils have to be renamed so they are PC, streets and bridges are renamed, holidays and parades are eliminated.  Institutions created to memorialize the sacrifices of Southern men are turned over to northern sympathizers and propagandist.  The cost of home ownership has soared as northerners migrated here with money from the homes they sold up north and paid exorbitant prices for property.  Now, Southerners can hardly afford to own a home.  The second invasion I speak of is of illegal aliens who bankrupt our cities and states through the use of public services and fill our prisons as they victimize our people.  This dual invasion makes changing things through the ballot box increasingly difficult if not impossible. 
We must stand and stand now. 
Wayne Hines