Re: They Cant Do That…
This is a response I sent to This is an incomplete thought, but I thought to offer it here to maybe spur more discussion on the matter. Maybe others can help complete it, offer suggestions and corrections.

Anonymous Sir,
You have stated the obvious on your post to SHNV. Can you explain WHY this is so?
Those elected to office did not just suddenly begin thinking thusly. That started way back when they were infants. How their parents raised them had a lot to do with establishing the foundation upon which their political philosophy has grown. This is what needs to be addressed.
I do have some thoughts about this. First has to do with God. And not just the Churches. Most churches have been castrated by, I think, the Johnson administration. The non-profit organisation was legislated in his time. By offering this to the churches, a bribe really, the fedgov wanted in return, political-free sermons and talk. American history shows much of the dissent was discoursed in the churches, among other places. By this act, the church ceased being a place where God AND country could be discussed, thus removing the opportunity for the young ones to learn from their elders about political discourse.
Second, was the proliferation of Marxist philosophy into the American fabric. The mindset of most Americans today would be viewed as anti-American even 50 years ago. Worst of all, is the dumbed-down student who is a result of Marxists in the schools. They are not taught what their civic duty is, with regards to questioning their representatives in government. Only now, they question those who would keep the fedgov to the promise of strict observance of the Constitution.
If you have anything to add or to discuss, please feel free to email me.
Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.