Regarding the Confederate Flag
Letter to the Editor:

Regarding the Confederate Flag – it means some things to some people and other things to others. Those who see it positively make no demands on those who don’t. Indeed, it appears that those who don’t are the ones making all the demands? Logically, where is it written that one group must bow to the demands of the other?

Ms. Callahan’s recent letter uses the tired analogy comparing slavery to the Holocaust. Perhaps it was your 300 word limit on letters to the editor which prevented her from supporting this analogy with a logical argument rather than simply stating her own opinion, an opinion which she apparently feels is the absolute truth? I see no connection between an institution which most of the world’s civilizations have practiced at one time or another, and the 1933-45 campaign to ethnically stamp out an entire people.

Finally, Ms. Callahan says that non whites fought for the confederacy because they were forced to. Unlike Ms. Callahan, I can substantiate my claims – they were not forced and I can do it using the words of the very people who did the fighting:

From the Slave Narratives:

"I tell you, dem Yankees took us by starvation. Twant a fair fight. Dey called it a vict’ry an’ bragged ‘ bout Vicksburg a-fallin’, but hongry folks aint got no fight lef’ in ’em. Us folks was starved into surrenderin’, Isaac Steir, Body Servant, Mississippi

I had two uncles. Jipp and Charlie Clark in Stonewall’s company. They would never talk much about him after his death. It hurts them too much, for Stonewall’s men loved him so much. Jeff Davis was a great man, too." Jeff Harvey, South Carolina, on the war service of his two uncles, both slaves.

Your 300 word limitation prevents me giving further examples. I have enough such examples to fill up over 600 letters to the editor.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)
9th Va. Co. C. Inf. (Reenactor)