Re: Thank you very much!


Greetings, Mr. Stewart:

Thank you for your encouraging words. As well, my special thanks to Mr. Demastus for printing my correspondence in the newsletter. I’ve been a member of his list for a long time and have watched its tremendous growth. He is a diligent worker on behalf of "Southern Heritage" and the historical context of the cause for heritage and not hate. And, as its symbol, flying the Confederate flag as a reminder. People not only want to create their own history, they also want to re-write it (because they do not know the good or bad but want to preserve only the ugly. And, when that fails, they want to completely erase every trace of the past even though they don’t know they will not have a future to look back from. I believe that even if Jackson AND Lee were still alive, they would have a devil of a time trying to dialogue about how any of us who are alive came to be in this moment in time. People are, by nature, skeptics and doubters —– and, thereby, remain ignorant and love to be, because they don’t even know enough to know they are.

Stay on the wall! Somebody is getting the message. It’s like Preaching the gospel of Jesus in that scoffers want to equate what He has done for all mankind using the same terms as what they (as humans) do to explain their actions. It will never come out right and will result in a great deal of harm to the cause of Christ. Thank God He lives and that He has the last sayso over every say long after mankind has left this earth —- at His command.

Thank you for your "healing/wound" analogy. Obama picked at a scab that was covered over to await complete healing and restoration and, when it began to weep, he disavowed his part in it. He stripped it wide open and tried to step away and let the blood bleed out in the name of "racist." That’s a ploy that won’t work today as it did years ago. I agree with what former President Clinton said when he spoke out publicly and told how the Obama campaign tried to make him out to be racist. Then he said that they’ll have to go a long ways to pin that title on him. (And I’m Republican but he told the truth that time!) Some people will never get it, because "divide and conquer" is their reason for living. Obama is just such a person and Americans had better pay attention. It has not one thing to do with race ——– but it is because he is incompetent, naive, arrogant, puffed up, and nowhere near to the Cross, as he claims to be. And, we are not deceived, because we see the spirit of that man and it is flawed and ungodly.

I have experienced wonderful, Godly fellowship with the SCV both online and offline. And I welcome receiving your support and correspondence with gratitude to you all. Also, special thanks to Mr. Marlar in South Carolina (Please give my best to Mr. Bessinger and his staff in Columbia, S.C. I found him to be a Godly gentle/ and genteel man and a breath of fresh air.) I believe if more people (regardless of race) were loosed from unknown fear of the Confederate flag and the flag holders and those gathered around it), they would also sing out loud and proud, "DIXIE!" And they would wonder what made them fear your organization (SCV) in the first place. When I am confronted with ignorance, I try to combat it and pray another will step up to fill in where I left off. Again, like with the gospel of Jesus. We sow seeds and the results belong to God.

God’s richest blessings and peace.

My mailing address is:

Rev. L. Dowell
The Mountainside Ministries
P.O. Box 6222
Columbia, MD 21045

Attached is a copy of my 1998 Letter to the Editor and the letter I received from the Maryland SCV in 1998, with the MD Botony Cross enclosed, which I proudly wear during SCV events. (I can send as an attached .pdf file if you send me an email with “SCV article” in the subject line – Chuck

BTW, I also greatly applaud Congresswoman Glorious Johnson (in Florida.) I wrote to her following the article in "Southern Heritage News & Views," about her support for SCV in Florida, but I have not received a response from her.