From: John Kemper Storms Jr.,
Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2009
To: HK Edgerton,

Dear Mr. HK, Sir;

Once again, thank you for your tireless effort to tell the truth of our Southern Heritage.

Our Southern Heritage has absolutely nothing to do with the color or race of the Southern people. It is simply our way of life and you sir, are the one who will "take your own personal time and caring"  in order to "tell the truth!" The wrongs committed against such as, the burning of Atlanta to Savannah shore of Georgia when Union Gen. Sherman (with no regard to race, creed, age or Religion) with his troops burnt a one mile wide swath "raping, stealing personal property, and murdering both races no matter who they were.

General Sherman would be considered today nothing less than a "terrorist out of control with the Federal Government and Union General Grant’s approval."
If this was indeed a war on Slavery alone like so many Northerners still believe, then why the raping and murdering of Slave Women and Children? What did they do to deserve such a Horrible death? In fact many Women of both races were completely against any war. But were simply usable & disposable to Sherman’s troops.

This was a disgrace on the U. S. Government same as it was on the innocent Women and children of Native Americans while their husbands were off fighting or hunting.

Why burn down their homes, barns and destroy their crops and their livestock, including horses and cattle?

It has never made any sense to me and I have never heard of anything in my 58 years that convinced me that this type of action was Honorable. How could it be. God Almighty above would never sanction such a terrorist action. These Women, Native American, African American and European Americans did nothing against the United States Government and were alone to try to fend for themselves while their Men were off fighting for them or hunting just to come home to senseless murder and burning of all that they knew.

The depression of these men must have been unbearable and no doubt many men took their own lives when they came home to absolutely no family, home, crops, livestock or any relatives left in this world. How hollow they must have felt.. Coming from a Cherokee Native American background, these true first Americans met the white man with friendliness and on peaceful terms. But they were treated like livestock.

Sir my own Great Grandmother was exactly 1/2 Native Cherokee and  was born in 1883. She was my mother from birth to the age of eleven. Before that she had raised a total of six children by shoveling out peoples "out houses" and doing ironing with a wood burning pot belly stove in the summer as well as winter. She was treated like she was not even human.

She was the most loving, caring and nurturing Mother anyone could ever desire. She died in 1962 and I still grieve on the way she was treated when she was on this earth.

All I can say is there must be a lot of Native and African American Women in Gods hands for eternity as they lived their Hell here on earth.

We have come a long way, but we cannot accept our children being brainwashed into thinking Union Generals Sherman and Custer were hero’s. The truth must be taught to our children by Men like yourself.

Today, in America, I am proud to say we have system that will accept a African American for their President. Commander in Chief of the U. S. Armed forces.

I still feel if a Man or Woman who comes from Italian decent might someday be President, will the C.I.A., F.B.I.& Secret Service think they are or have family members involved in Mafia, Costa Nostra, crime etc.?

Movies like the Soprano’s and the Godfather is disgraceful to law abiding Italian Americans.

All discrimination "should have died" when Barack Obama became Commander in Chief. I am not a politician, but I am a God Fearing Christian. I know what Jesus Christ will do with those who kill and murder innocent Women and Children as well as a person for their ancestors Nationality.

I look forward to you and your "Heritage not Hate" message, and pray that your messages catches on lie a wild fire.

May God Almighty continue to smile upon you and when your day comes, you surely will see the eyes of God and be with him with your ancestors in our Heavenly Kingdom for all eternity.

Your Southern "Brother,"
John Storms,
Gainesvile Vol’s camp 373 of the Mississippi Division of the SCV in Picayune MS.