Re: Take Down The Flag
My response at the website though it may well not be posted. Frankly, websites like this are a waste of time. Obviously they have no pretence at objectivity, so our responses only goad them to greater depths of ignorance.


There is an old saying, or actually two: truth will out and murder will out. Those who fight for Southern symbols are proof of both.
It is not those flying the battle flag or trying to preserve the ACTUAL history of the War of Secession who are "delusional", but those who "think" that they know what actually happened when all they "know" is the result of 150 years of propaganda. Does it matter at this point in time? Yes, first because nothing of worth can be built on lies and secondly because today’s out of control federal government is a direct consequence of the South’s defeat.
It is not an accident that Karl Marx heartily approved of Lincoln and his efforts to consolidate power in Washington.


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Take Down The Flag