Re: Confederate license tags would help I.D. folks to avoid
I read with great amusement your rant against the Confederate License plates in Florida.  Amusement stemming from the concept that since you are from Long Island, N.Y. your opinions were more important than the beliefs of millions of Southerners you chose to live among.
Did you also know that New York City also suffered the worst riots in our Country’s history when federal troops were sent to put down the rebellion against conscription for Lincoln’s war?  Apparently many of your fellow New Yorkers did not share your viewpoint.
Sir, you are as bad as the carpetbaggers who ravaged the vanquished South after their defeat.  You Sir, come to live among us, then proceed to tell us how bad and misled we are.  When we lost the War, we did not lose our rights to our beliefs or our history.  We choose to honor our ancestors who though badly outnumbered still fought to defend the original concept of government our forefathers created for us.  You, on the other hand, come among us as a Yankee infiltrator perpetuating the war and trying to defeat even the memory of our heroic struggle for independence from a government which had turned against a large segment of the Nation’s population.
Whatever happened to the concept of "live and let live"? 
You and other northerners of you ilk will not be satisfied until even the memory of our beloved Confederacy is forever banished.  Then the work of Lincoln, McClellan, Sheridan, Sherman and Grant will be complete.  When the memory of the South is utterly destroyed, there will be no one to dispute the northern version of this epic struggle for Freedom.
Bud Cranford