Re: T Warren



I used to be amazed that those who claim the "Noble Banner of the South" is all about "hate" and those who fly it as well, are the very ones who commit such acts that emanate from hate. That they claimed the high road from being victims of hate for so many decades. Therefore, one would think that, according to them, they would not do to us what they "claimed" we did to them. Right?

"They" used to claim that it is wrong to judge someone by the "colour of their skin", that "they are not all alike", that "their blood is red just like everyone else", right? But, many years ago, whenever the media would televise any portion of a Klan rally, I began to notice it would be the protesters, mostly Black, who were acting in such a fashion, their faces would be contorted in such a way, that would display the epitome of hate. Now, while I completely disagree with the concept of "hate legislation", "hate" is a fair/valid topic for discussion. Since it is "they" who make the claim that "we" are about hate since we vigorously defend, and just as vigorously display, that Noble Banner of the South – the Confederate Battle Flag – then it is fair that we can throw the charge of hate right back at "them", whenever we see it.

Now, similarly to Mr. Warren, I too was a victim from a couple of White "thug" wannabe’s, though no where near as serious as his property damage. The antenna on my car, from which I would clip three Confederate Battle Flags, was broken off twice. I suspect a couple of White kids, who have not lived here since about six months afterwards, did the deed because I used to see them hanging out with a particularly ominous looking Black man. As I said, just a suspicion. Nothing has happened since they moved.

So, what is the lesson here? Ignorance and hate are universal, and are a permanent element of the human character, that nobody has a monopoly on them. Therefore, we are all in desperate need of the forgiveness of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ.

About the money Mr. Warren is requesting, I have a simple plan that ought to work. His $350 request divided by 70 equals $5. Chuck, if you have at least 70 subscribers to your SHNV, then each one of us could send him a measly $5.00. This should be no burden to any of us. It is a meal at Burger King. A six pack of beer. I will be sending my $5 this weekend. Will y’all? Mr. Warren is absolutely deserving of our respect, and our help. Remember, respect is earned, not given and is not deserved by everyone. Courtesy is given, not earned and is deserved by everyone. Mr. Warren has earned our respect and deserves our courtesy!


Jimmy L. Shirley Jr.


Please send a check in any amount payable to Behind Enemy Lines, earmark the check "for memorial renovation”. I give you my word that every penny will go to the memorial area. We need to raise somewhere in the area of $350, for the picket fence, the flag poles, repairs to the bench, and an additional security light.

T Warren
425 Jonathon Street
Bridgeport, IL. 62417