Re: Symbol connected to hate should be rejected
When I read what college level kids write these days and the way they write it, I weep for America. We have bred a generation of morons and raised idiocy to the level of a fine art. The phrase "God help us" comes to mind, but frankly, I think we’re beyond even His help!


What an embarrassment this kid must be – to her parents, to the “educators” at CCU, and to the Sun News, which saw fit to print her “letter.” She shows no ability to think a straight line without tripping over herself, her “letter” reads like something written by a third grader, and there is nothing in any of her ramblings to support any of her claims except her own opinions. This kid is in college? How did that happen? Do colleges still have admission standards or do they now simply admit anyone with a pulse? And what about the hacks at the Sun News? Was your entire editorial review board out sick the day someone decided to print little Lauren’s letter? 
The issue of the S.C. statehouse flying a flag is a national issue? Says who? Ms. Pancaldo? Maybe someone could point out where it says that because Lauren apparently neglected to tell us where she got this belief from? Last time I checked, decisions on such issues were within the legal realm of the state.
Westchester has “diverse” cultures? Yeah, it does. So what? So do a lot of places.
And who appointed her spokesperson for New Yorkers I wonder? People who’ve never left NY have never seen a Confederate flag? Is she kidding? Just follow behind me in traffic and you’ll see one on the back of my car. And I’m not the only one either. Apparently little Lauren doesn’t get out very much. People who live in NY don’t ever fly the Confederate flag? Wrong again. Some people do.  And unlike little Lauren, most people don’t give a rat’s patoot one way or the other if you fly it or don’t. And if you’re wondering how I know these things it’s because I live in New York!
The Confederacy had slavery and so the Confederate flag should be abolished? My Roman ancestors, (who I believe might also be Ms. Pancaldo’s ancestors) also supported slavery. In fact, they enslaved most of the known world at that time. Maybe Ms. Pancaldo should contemplate a trip to Italy to take down what’s left of the ROMAN coliseum and the Appian Way brick by brick?
The KKK uses the Confederate flag? Yeah, so?! They also use a cross and if I am not mistaken, it’s an American flag which is most often used and which is required to be at any meetings.
And if the “thought” that S.C. chooses to fly “that flag” disgusts her, then I would ask why she chose to live there or to go to school there? There are 50 states in the union and thousands of colleges that she could have chosen from. Instead, she chose a state that “disgusts” her and then proceeds to make an ass of herself while insulting that state’s residents and its history. It isn’t surprising though – in fact, what little Lauren is doing is a very old story. Ignorant and arrogant people, it seems, have always had a penchant for invading the South and trying to change things to suit them. Pancaldo is simply carrying the torch of a very old crusade.
”Not too long ago, being white and having friends of color was looked down upon…” Really? When was this? I’m probably three times her age and I can’t say that I remember such a thing. 
“Having many friends of many different backgrounds is a gift.” – Err, no, simply having “friends” is a gift. What “background” they come from is irrelevant. A friend is a friend is a friend and is someone you cherish no matter what “background” they are from and that’s all there is to it. If any of you know this twit please pass this thought along to her. It’s a relatively simple concept, one which even someone with her limited intelligence might be able to comprehend and profit from.
It appears that when God handed out intellectual talents he may have short changed Ms. Pancaldo. Her attempt to tackle a “social issue” leaves her looking like she’s in over her head – at least as a Sociology major. Hopefully HE blessed her with some physical talents which will allow change her major to “Pole Dancing,” or will allow her to successfully wait tables at Hooters.
Bill Vallante
Commack, New York
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Associate Member, Camps 3000, 1506, 1369
Descendent of “The Romans.”