About your editorial in favor of Suppressing Southern History

Commentary by Philip Gallanders

Webmaster’s Note: This commentary is in response to an editorial published in the Augusta Chronicle 9/24/04. It is posted below and viewable at this URL: http://www.augustachronicle.com/stories/092404/edi_2100727.shtml.

I read your editorial in which you defend Mayor Young’s surrender to PC and external pressures brought to bear by some out-of-state conventioneers. You claim, perhaps correctly, that the craven order by Mayor Young to lower the flag and attempt to blot out history was taken in agreement with others of the Augusta community.

That may well be, but those others you refer to, are only those who are trying to count up how much money they will be able to garner from the visiting conventioneers from South Carolina. They have motives that are self-interestedly venal at the first and the last. They do not speak for the community, only for their bottom lines.

The members of the So. Carolina NAA(L)CP have already painted themselves into a corner where they are unable to stay at home while having their convention. Now, they bring their hate on the road into your state and your community. Sadly, your so-called leadership caves in to their demands and so now, they bring their divisive, revisionist, racist demands into your community. Naturally, not wanting to be taken for racists, your PC leaders cave in to their demands. It is clear that the mandarins who control Augusta politics and business communities have round heels, are easily brow-beaten and have no spine

How shameful, how venal, how progressively PC, how cowardly, how contemptible. Let us hope that the dollars these demanding conventioneers bring into your community, outweigh the anger and the political flak that will occur as a result.

With regards to the point you raised about how it is too late to defend the flag, I would raise 2 counters to your argument.

1) The KKK is in reality a vanishingly small group today, with perhaps 40% of their membership actually FBI moles. The KKK reached their high point of influence in the 1920s when they had delegations from 40+ states present at the democratic conventions of 1924 & 1928. Pictures of their huge marches during that time, showed that ONLY the US flag was carried, not the CSA flag. This is verifiable, historic fact.

During their long decline into complete un-importance, some of these idiots have waved the CSA flag as well as the USA flag. However, I put it to you that the actions of tens of hating people, cannot serve as a counter weight to the acts of tens of thousands of people who love their heritage and respect their history. To conflate the two as co-equal is completely wrong, not to mention, completely intellectually dishonest. You have constructed a straw man to argue against, but the straw man does not exist in reality.

2) The active assault on the flags of the CSA and all things that respect and honor Southern Heritage, began in the early 1990’s. This attack actually conforms to the plan set forth by the NAA(L)CP who were looking around for a reason to stay in existence. They needed a cause to point to, that would give to them seemingly, a raison d’etre. Therefore, until the attacks began, the Southern Heritage movement had no reason to defend their icons. That attack has been opened and so, too, now the defense is in the trenches.

The first NAA(L)CP assault on the flags of the CSA, was in Mississippi. This attack failed of its purpose, when the vox populi decided that they really DID want to keep their history. This vox populi by the way, included a large minority of the overall black vote, who decided that what they thought about their state, their history and heritage was worth much more than the puffed up, divisive and racist attacks by carpet baggers who came into Mississippi claiming to speak for all the black folks there. The result of that plebiscite shoved the lies back into the teeth of the NAA(L)CP and their fellow travelers.

Learning from their mistake, the NAA(L)CP decided that their future actions would be to push their ideas WITHOUT allowing the use of open, clear and free plebiscites. Not for these activists is the idea that the preference of the people should be sought.

Thus, they changed the focus of their attacks to zero in on the round-heel politicians who are always pandering for votes. They also decided to make use of their bully pulpit to call for economic boycotts of this company, or that state. Now they engage in pure power politics without any care or concern for the public will in the matters. Sadly, their targets, the political minions in their sights, generally cave in.

Now, it is the turn of those same round-heeled political minions, to suffer the flaggings and opprobrium of their offended fellow citizens. We who honor Southern heritage and history and ALL the icons that best represent that heritage and history, will not go quietly into the dark.

We will not allow out of town carpetbaggers and local scalawags, to suppress our history, our culture and our pride, without giving them such a problem as they will know that they have been in a fight.

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