Re: A Southerner Speaks
When I joined the military in 1973 I did so for a number of reasons & none of them for the purpose of being personally self-serving.
From the study of my families genealogy it is very, very likely that I had many ancestors who served in America`s Revolutionary War from Henrico County Virginia. Since that time many served in everyone of America`s wars or in its peace time ranks right up to the present day. So my family on both sides has a long military tradition & I wanted to add my name to this list. I saw it as the right thing to do as they had taken the responsibility to safe-guard rights & freedoms for me by giving themselves of their time & sacrificing to serve in America`s military.
When I enlisted I saw my oath to the constitution as being an oath to the Constitutional Republic of America`s founding fathers.
I see all my ancestors service to the Confederacy as a defense of their respective states & their family & neighbors. For all the claims about what the South`s War for Independence was all about to me the answer is simple. It wasn`t about slavery, taxes, sectionalism or anything else, even though those were a few of the many issues of the day with one holding no more importance than the others.
The bottom line of the cause of that war was simply a point of disagreement over the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The north claimed it did not allow for states to seceded from the union while the South looked at the teachings of America`s founding fathers which said, ALL states had every constitutional right to secede when the central government grew to the point that it infringed on the individual rights & freedoms of the people of ANY state. According to the United States of America`s OWN constitution, the South was right when it exercised that option.
Now today the military doesn`t want the services of any young person from the South who has a Confederate flag tattoo?! Gee, where the hell was this rule when millions of Southern boys were serving, sacrificing & dying on the worlds battlefields in order to save the politically correct crowd`s collective butts & to ensure their future freedoms & rights ? Are those of us who served & saved their rights & freedoms now to be denied those very same rights & freedoms?
Only the left-wing Marxist could come up with a politically correct idea like this. This is the exact same thing Adolph Hitler did to the German Jews who had served Germany in World War One but, couldn`t serve Germany in World War Two because he was busy exterminating them for their prior loyal services to Germany because of the Nazi`s misguided belief that they were a threat to Germany?
I here and now apologize to every American in general & to Southerners specifically for my military service to what I thought was the old constitution & our founding fathers Constitutional Republic.
Until this gross injustice to Southerners is rectified (it’s too late I won`t accept an apology for a deed already done & one they purposely committed with eyes wide open) I cannot with a clear conscience recommend any Southerner serve in the military of a Marxist country that has usurped constitutional authority & hates & despises you, your family, friends, neighbors & every American principle & order of law that we believe in & hold dear.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama