We in the Coast to Coast True American History gang circulated Al Bensons’ Slavery article earlier, but here it is again in case you missed it  then.  Scan down below my words.. The Charleston Voice published it and I have added it below my message.
I preface the article this time with some comments of my own.  I do realize that for some readers what I report is viewed as totally implausible, if not an out and out lie.  To those who conclude this, I can only urge that you do some reading of books not written by the politically correct, brain-washed historians who make their fame and fatten their wallets by glorification of Lincoln and the Republican Party.  I’ll be most happy to share a very long list of such books with you if you so request.  Among them will be those written by Walter Donny Kennedy & Al Benson, James Ronald Kennedy, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, Frank Conner, and others.  While only Kennedy and Benson have dug deeply into the archives hiding the past of the Communists in America during the mid to late 1800’s. the other authors all have recognized the significance of the RADICAL REPUBLICANS in Lincoln’s government and his Republican Party.  All of the new historians recognize the presence and influence of Communists-Marxists-Socialists in our nation during  the twentieth and twentieth first centuries.
The Slavery commentary of Benson’s (found below)  backs up the beliefs of many of us that in order to kill the new states’ rights movement of 2010,  the present enemy must associate it with the original states right movement which resulted in the South’s secession from a central government which ignored the true meanings of the Constitution of the United States.   Killing States Rights has been a Cause Celebre in America since the 1860’s.  It exploded into being when the Marxists put their efforts into the organization of the Republican Party and elected Abe Lincoln as their first President in 1860. Contrary to what is regularly stated, Lincoln was not a big anti-slavery President. He offered permanent slavery rights to the South if it would not secede.
The real cause of the South’s legal secession from the Union was when the Lincoln and his Marxist-infiltrated government tripled the taxes (tariffs) on the South and made it evident that the Republicans were planning on cleaning the South’s financial plow.  The South fought unsuccessfully to halt the Marxist plan to eradicate the Constitution and its Bill of Rights and make Lincoln’s government the ALL POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. Southerners knew that plan meant the destruction of States Rights and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  Southerners were, however, unaware of the  true allegiance of the originators of that plan.  They did not realize that one Karl Marx and his band of American Marxists planned the destruction of the South  in order to eliminate the Republic form of government with the States Rights created by the founding fathers. Because of all Americans, Southerners held the Constitution in almost religious regard, and because of the great wealth of the South, Southerners needed to be eliminated by the Marxists.  Southerners knew of the plan but did not know, that MARXISM was its foundation.    Even today most Southerners accept only that those REPUBLICANS called by the North’s honored pro-Union historians as RADICAL REPUBLICANS were the creators of the War.  It is understood by many of our iconoclastic historians, however, that those RADICALS, because of their addiction to the destruction of individual states and their desire to appropriate ALL POWER for a central governing body,  had to knock off all states they could not control.  This had to be done if the Radicals (the Marxists)  were to form a strong, all powerful central government which they could then, declare the U.S. Constitution just a  piece of paper, and control.  Lincoln, however, figured he could achieve the same goal by twisting the meaning of the Constitution, which he did most skillfully, completely mangling the historical origin of the United States and declaring that the Union created the individual states.
In the 20th century America finally, became aware of the Communism Marx created when he wrote his Communist Manifesto for the Illuminati.  Shockingly now literate Americans have learned that Alger Hiss was a Communist spy and that General Patton was correct when he concluded that he was kept from entering Germany so Roosevelt’s good buddy could claim part of Germany as loot. Some other Americans have noted that Japan was not allowed to surrender for the same reason.   What Americans still fail to realize is that Communism existed in the 1800’s in the United States after Marx’s followers fled here from their failed European Revolution.  Americans remain unaware that Communists were deeply involved in the U.S. government, that their goal of Progressive Income Tax was put into action for the first time in America’s history by their puppet President, Abe Lincoln. Yes, Lincoln gave us the first Income Tax.  Before his arrival on the American scene, America had made it through many years without income tax. Americans remain unaware that Communists (Marxists-Socialists) have followed the goals of the Communist Manifesto since its creation.  Stirring racial unrest was begun then and continues now, the concept still carried on by well-meaning dupes.  Another of the Commie goals involved the slow, gradual brainwashing of America’s school kids, generation after generation.  We’ve all experienced it but not all of us now recognize its results.
A Commie of today would likely say, "Thank you, honest Abe for so many good things. Thank you Karl Marx and your many American followers in U.S. government, including the one who insisted that Jefferson Davis be handcuffed and in leg irons while in solitary confinement.  Thanks to all fellow Marxists for keeping that old man in prison without a trial for two years–and in solitary for that same amount of time. It is unfortunate that Davis could not be executed as a traitor.  It should have been done despite the fact that the Supreme Court Chief Justice said that he would be found not guilty if brought to trial.  Even that Republican Justice knew that the South had the right to secede.  Isn’t Marxism wonderful?  Isn’t Abe Lincoln the greatest?
Americans are unaware that Jeff Davis, a helpless, old, honorable man was manacled on the express orders of one of Karl Marx’s most devoted henchmen, Lincoln’s Assistant Secretary of War, Charles  Anderson Dana. Dana was a close friend of Communists Karl Marx, Frederick Engels and Union General Joseph Weydemeyer.  According to researchers Benson and Kennedy, Dana, more than any other American, was responsible for the promotion of Communism in America.  It is mind boggling to Americans when they learn of this General’s and other American generals’ memberships in those Communist-Socialist organizations active in the U.S. during the 1800’s.
Thanks to the skillful Communist use of brainwashing since the 1860’s, everyone in America seems convinced that Abe Lincoln was the nation’s greatest president, that the Uncivil War was a Civil one. Today, the word "Civil" has even been given a new definition so that war can be declared a Civil one. By the definition existing in that time, the war was no more Civil than it was Bush Jr. President is a Constitutionalist.   The meaning of the word “civil" has been altered today  in the same manner as was done by the lady Texas U.S. Senator with her new definition of AMNESTY which I translate as: " It isn’t amnesty because we’ll make the "undocumented aliens" (you rudely and incorrectly call "Illegals") pay a small fine, go home and come back a second time and be given citizenship so they’ll  vote for the Republican Party’s continuation as America’s boss."
Thanks to some successful brainwash, Americans are now convinced that the South started the War, that the North did not invade the South and thus start the war,  that the War was declared against the South in order to free the slaves, that only in the South did slavery exist, that only black folks were ever American slaves, that the Confederate flags flew over all the slave ships bringing slaves to this continent (Nobody must know that the confederate flag NEVER flew over a slave ship, that  the U.S. stars and stripes was the only American flag to do so),
Thanks to the Marxist-Communist-Socialist brainwash splashed on every generation of American school kids,  Americans are now absolutely positive  that Southerners always hated black folks while Northerners loved them, that Northerners signed up in droves to fight to free slaves, that there was no rioting by white men in New York who refused to fight in the Republicans’  War,  that no foreigners were offered great bribes to leave their nations and come fight for the Union, that the South fought the war to take over the United States government,  that slave owners commonly and ordinarily tortured and were cruel to their slaves,  that the Confederate flag is a flag representing Southern Hate,  that the Jim Crow laws were created by Southerners and began in the South,  etc., etc., ad nauseam.
Joan Hough

Slavery! Slavery! Slavery!
By Al Benson Jr.