Regarding the Southern Heritage News & Views for 2/14/2012.
Compatriot Demastus, Sir:
I subscribe to Southern Heritage News & Views for things CONFEDERATE, not political hogwash as was received in the e-mail dated 2/14/2012, which was a blatant ad for that nutcase Ron Paul. In the interest of fairness are you going to devote another e-mail for the other candidates too?
I sent a reply to the unsubscribe link just moments ago but I would prefer to stay subscribed to Southern Heritage News & Views; however, if you plan to waste my time with drivel like this again then you may keep me unsubscribed. 

[><] Confederately yours [><] Chris S. Knapp (
Living in occupied Houston but is a member of
SCV Camp #1648, Colonel Middleton Tate Johnson, Arlington, Texas.
Mr. Knapp, NO ONE likes everything I post in SHNV but most people skip over what they don’t like and keep the rude remarks to themselves. Ron Paul is the ONLY pro Confederate candidate and I am highly offended by your reference to him as being a nutcase. He is the greatest congressman in the history of the USA. Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe as many times as you wish.
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