Re: SCV and 501(c)(3)
The behavior of individual members is one thing. The “corporate attitude and behavior” of the SCV as an organization is something else again.

I suggest that folks go back and read why both the SCV and the UDC were formed (and the same thing should obtain with regard to the Museum of the Confederacy). Then the members must determine if they still support the aims and goals of both organizations. If they do, then they should actively pursue those aims and goals within the framework of their incorporation and all that that entails including appearing at pro-Southern heritage demonstrations as an organization as well as individuals and making use of the media to make known to the public in general and the politicians in particular what they as both members and voters want. But I cannot support silence on the part of either or both groups when there are attacks on Southern heritage, history and symbols. As anyone can tell you, in law, silence means assent! So when the SCV and UDC remain “unengaged” they are saying “yes” to these attacks, something that is diametric to the spirit of both organizations.

In the case of those members who do not support the aims and goals of the SCV and UDC, let them resign and, if they wish, go off and start groups more in keeping with their particular point of view. What I do NOT accept – neither should anyone else – is a demand by such people that the SCV and UDC change to accommodate them! I’ve seen that with the liberal Catholic establishment – they want what is forbidden by the Church and demand that the Church change rather than that they change or, in the alternative, leave the Church. It’s really very simple, but it is also very difficult. It is going to mean an extra measure of courage on the part of those within the SCV and UDC who are serious about defending their heritage in the face of ongoing cultural genocide. Once the culture is gone or exists only within an ever decreasing group of aging patriots, the matter has reached a point from which there will be no return. There is still time – barely – but every passing hour dims the prospect of survival never mind victory.