SB2325 in limbo
Honorable Sir,
I am writing to you from Germany after it came to my knowledge that the acceptance of the Jefferson Davis Statue is stuck in the procedures of the Senate Rules Committee. I would like you to consider to allow the bill SB2325 authorizing the acceptance of the Jefferson Davis statue before February 3rd in order to see it erected in Mississippi.
Be assured that it would be very strange to most Europeans to see how your state abstains from allowing this statue to be erected, a statue remembering an important Mississippian: Senator and Representative from Mississippi, U.S Army Officer, U.S. Secretary of Defense and President of the Confederate States of America. A great American who won worldwide admiration for his courage, love to his country and obedience to duty, also as a loving husband and father.

Thus, I support this bill and would like to see it approved as soon as possible.
Yours most sincerely,
Raphael Waldburg-Zeil
Aitrach, Germany