Re: Great grandfather who helped end slavery and save a nation remembered
I posted the following. Whether it will be put up, I don’t know, but at least I responded. I did not see any responses that weren’t pro the writer including one who mentioned that the property belonged rightly to the slave who worked it rather than the man who actually owned it. Interestingly enough, nobody seems to recall that the slave was given cradle to grave care and was even protected by law (as the Northern wage slave was not). Anyway, we saw what happened when the land WAS given to the ex-slave. Not much.

To suggest that the so-called "Civil War" was fought to free the slaves (or even to preserve the Union) is provably false. Lincoln initiated a treasonous war (see Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution!) for one purpose only – to change the federal government from an agent of the States and the People with limited powers into an all-powerful national tyranny. Sad to say, he was successful.
Were the slaves freed? Yes, but slavery was already ending. It even ended in Brazil WITHOUT a war a few years after Appomattox. Indeed, it ended EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD (at that time) without a war. So to suggest that the war should be considered as the means of ending slavery is to suggest that decapitation should be considered as a means of curing headache.
Charles Francis Adams Jr., a colonel in the federal army during the Civil War and the grandson and great-grandson of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, knew the truth of the matter when he wrote years after: "Had the South been allowed to manage this question unfettered, the slaves would have been, ‘ere this, fully emancipated, and that without bloodshed or race relations ruined."