Re: In response to bigotry in Odum
Dear Mr. Titus:
Thank you for your message.
Here follows the notice I received about the happening in Odum:
Honorable Southern men and women:
On September 16, 2009,  an old time Southern funeral was held for Harry Jones of Odum, Georgia.  Harry was a member of Capt. JAMES KNOX of Brantly County, Georgia, SCV.
Out of the tremendous respect for Harry had by all who knew him, the SCV marked the way to his burial site by placing Confederate flags along the route.  This route led to his home, where Harry chose to be laid to rest, in an area set aside for that purpose. The bigotry and hatred of Southerners was rabidly displayed by the City Government of Odom, Georgia. They sent out employees to confiscate the flags that, in their words, “represented hatred of blacks”. This action showed utter disrespect for a kind and gentle man who was loved by all who knew him. It also showed total disrespect for a funeral, total disregard of the feelings of family and friends and included outright theft of private property by morally bankrupt and very ignorant officials of this very anti-Southern Georgia city.
Please take time to write the city officials and voice your concerns for their lack of respect for a citizen’s funeral, their theft of private property, their lack of respect for the First Amendment of the Constitution and for their display of bigotry and racist attitudes towards Southerners. They need to feel the hot breath of Southerners down the back of their cowardly yellow necks.
Will they next come and pluck the flag from Harry’s grave?
That was all the information I had. Given that I am somewhat of a fire-eater, and reasoning as I did from the premise that the information I received was at heart accurate, and remembering that, even though Georgia is definitely not damyankeefied Florida, there have still been incidents of heritage violation in Georgia (at Ringgold, for example), I reacted.
Speaking for myself, I apologize for any offense I gave to you, the mayor, your brother and sister council-members, and the City of Odum.
Clifton Palmer McLendon