Re: response to concerns
Thank you. I was able to open the document and it proves what I came to believe: that the matter was a misunderstanding between the parties exacerbated by [1] excessive government regulation of just about everything and [2] an unfortunate “track record” of dealings between the SCV and various local, county and state governments with regard to the display of the Battle Flag.
It is sad that our present “politically correct” and demonstrably anti-Southern culture – together with the endless need of government at every level to legislate, regulate and otherwise intrude upon the lives of individual Americans from the amount of water in our toilets to the placing of symbols or signs on “government” rights of way – is creating an ever more hostile and confrontational environment.
On the other hand, while I can understand the need to obtain “permission” to display on the DOT right of way something that is going to remain in place for months, weeks or even days, I cannot understand the City’s rather overwhelming response to something that was only going to be displayed for a matter of hours. Ergo, I am inclined to believe that the nature of what was displayed had more to do with the complaints received and the haste of its removal than any failure of protocol! Of course, I have no idea how large these flags were, but I cannot imagine that they were all 3 by 5 foot and thus capable of dangerously obstructing the view of drivers. Of course, if they were in fact that large, then their removal required an extremely determined effort by the individual doing so to accomplish the deed so rapidly and efficiently that they were already stored in the maintenance building when the gentleman who placed them came and asked after them! As I noted in an earlier response, such dedication and application is seldom seen at any level of government!
I have been told by Mr. Titus – and I have no reason to disbelieve his word – that the City of Odum is not “anti-Southern” and did not pursue a politically correct policy in this matter – and I rejoice in that fact. However, obviously there is a woeful lack of communication between the City government and the SCV with regards to that fact. Had this understanding been in place, doubtless the incident would never have happened. If the City had made known to the SCV – and other organizations as well – the various “regulations” under which we are all (alas!) forced to live these days, then the proper channels would have been accessed and the proper permissions received. Sadly, that did not happen.
Let us hope that in future, all such misunderstandings can be avoided by an open, amicable and respectful relationship amongst all those involved.
Again, thank you for your response.
Valerie Protopapas