Re: Refusing rights to any race is un-American (Your view) |
My comment on site:
I’m 72, so I remember "the civil rights movement" very well. At the time, the whole thing seemed to be about ENDING race as a means of determining individual people’s value and worth to the society. A "color-blind culture" SEEMED to be the aim and goal of both blacks AND whites who took to the streets and the podiums and positions of power in society to end the idea of the "second-class citizen" according to his race. But somehow, this has gotten all turned ’round. Instead of race being REMOVED as a criteria of judgment, race has BECOME THE ONLY criteria of judgment. Segregation is bad if exercised by whites, but fine if exercised by minorities! Preference is bad if it seems to favor whites, but fine if it helps minorities – even when it turns out that whites simply were more qualified for whatever it was being considered! The term "merit," once a golden standard in society is now shunned because it turns out that "merit" often equals "white" and we can’t have that now, can we? No group, organization or government (of any size) can be "all white," that’s considered "racist." But it CAN be all black or all Hispanic. That’s called "diversity." Minorities in power can say ANYTHING against whites – such as Eric Holder declaring that whites are not protected by civil rights laws and that there should be two legal systems in the country, one for whites and one for everybody else (and you can bet that the one for the whites ain’t "justice!") – but let any white even QUESTION the character, morals and actions of ANY black and howls of condemnation arise throughout the land! 
The time has come for white people to STOP being "guilty" because they are white. EVERY race has its heroes and its villains. What we’re dealing with here is a combination of the entitlement-victim mindset and just plain envy. If wrong has been done by ANYONE of ANY RACE, then that person should be held accountable. But, frankly, blanket hatred of people because of their race is what caused the problem in the first place. It doesn’t matter which race is hated or which race hates – it’s destructive to the society for EVERYBODY.