Re: [GASCV-Discussion] Rebuttal To Anti-Confederate Statements
I have read this exchange with the professor. May I offer some advice? I got into it with a professor at Arizona State University…a man named brooks simpson. Our exchange got very heated and the man came after me personally. The only way to confront the yankee abolitionist was to go to the University…office of the president. My counter attack was effective and the scoundrel was neutered. I no longer delve in pointless assaults against these kind of vermin. You are never going to change this man’s mind and it is a waste of time to try and convince him we are right.
Like bullets on a tank these correspondence with this "Professor" will only incite him to continue his diatribes against our cause. May I suggest  a counter assault with the president of the school?
I plan on sending the email he sent as evidence that this professor is out of line and crazy for his hate filled rant. From a first time review of his correspondence he seems unbalanced and incapable of teaching the history of the war between the states. Imagine being a student in one of his classes?
This man’s paycheck and reputation come from his status and position at the college. This is where he should be counter attacked to let him feel the risk of his income being in question.
His mention of Alexander Hayes dragging our flag into the dirt is an attempt to inflame……what a noble man to use against us. Hayes was apparently drunk at the battle of Morton’s Ford and lost his command…later he caught a dose of Southern Fever during the Overland Campaign…a minie ball gave him an attitude adjustment for dragging our flag in the dirt….what a fitting end to a drunkard.
John Hall
#104 Dublin, Ga