Re: Rebel flag: A national issue?
Dear fathead, or is it fatcat? 
There is no correlation between a Muslim cultural center being built around the block from "Ground Zero" and the Confederate flag. 
First – 500 of your so-called "terrorists" that the "rebel flag" honors are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. The government they fought against saw fit to honor them as American veterans – so then – what the hell is your problem? 
Second – The America you know and probably claim to love was created in a cauldron of blood that most refer to as "The Civil War." That includes the men who fought under that flag. In the past, before someone started putting stupid pills in America’s water supply, and before morons like you began hydrating at unheard of levels, Americans honored both sides. Your diatribe is living proof that America is in the process of being dumbed down. 
Third – you refer to the Southerners as being "treasonous." Perhaps you could enlighten your readership as to how you arrived at this conclusion? I suppose you are well read in Elliot’s Debates or the Federalist Papers and can cite passages from the Constitutional Convention or the Constitution itself which prove your contention and which clearly show that secession is illegal? Of course, you know I’m being facetious…. we both know that all you’re doing in your article is blowing smoke out of that hole you call a mouth. 
Finally – careful you don’t fall off your righteous podium while you’re preaching to us about tolerance and the Muslim faith all in the same breath. Nobody is encroaching on the rights of Muslims to practice their religion in this country. But a lot of us do have some questions – And the REAL question, the one that people are afraid to ask, is not, "does Judeo Christian America believe in freedom of religion," but rather, "DO THE MUSLIMS WHO ARE IN THIS COUNTRY NOW BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF RELIGION?" 
As I look around this world I don’t see one Muslim country that treats its non Muslim citizens the same way it treats its Muslim ones. I don’t see much freedom of religion in these countries – in fact I don’t see much freedom of anything. And as I read my history books I see that Islam spent its first one thousand years of existence spreading itself by the sword. And if it stopped spreading itself after its failed attack on Vienna in 1683, it was less a matter of learning to live in peace with its neighbors and more a matter of the European armies being consistently able to kick Muslim a**. No, it is not a religion of peace and the thought of millions of them coming to this country quite frankly creeps me out. And I make no apologies for it – for while I will fight to guarantee their right to practice their faith in peace, I am not at all sure that they would do the same for me. 
By the way – the name of the Muslim center in question is "Cordoba." Doesn’t sound like an Islamic name, does it? Well, it isn’t. It’s the name of a city in Spain. The Muslims invaded and conquered Spain and set up a "cultural center" of sorts there….and it took the Spaniards hundreds of years to drive them back to where they belong.  
So before you, or George Bush, or Barack Obama, or any other mindless nitwit declares this to be a religion of peace, or before you mount your high holy horse to lecture us poor stiffs on how to be tolerant, why don’t you first talk to someone who has some first hand experience with it – ask the Israelis how peaceful Islam is. Ask them how tolerant it is. 
Then go dump a bucket of cold water over your fat head and slap yourself in the face. Maybe then you’ll wake up and start living in the real world. 
Bill Vallante
Commack NY