Date: Sat, Oct 9, 2010
Subject: Re: Questions about the CSA

Good Morning,

I read with interest the email sent to you from the man at Noble, OK.

First off the slaves were helping the only friend that they had in the world since the Africans sold him into slavery. His old cabin shack in the south was all that he had in America.

His constant thought were to be back home in Africa. You may find that hard to believe but it was true. After being kidnapped by Africans and Europeans his consciousness mind was changed when forcibly being scattered all over the colonies.

The black slaves were all prisoners of war. Prisoners of war do what the conquer tells him to do. Of course he is gradually conformed to the master’s habits and way of living.

The millions of black slaves could have risen up against the Plantation owner and killed his women and children during the War Between the States but this did not happen.

Black slaves began to have affections and love for their Slave owning masters. However there were some field slaves who hated their master but that did not keep them from helping to participate in the War Between the States.

Remember who has control of the money supply, the media and the Supreme Court in this country today.

Most Americans are so ignorant of the history of this country that foreigners come here and are more informed than the vast number of Americans.

The enemy of the country was not the Stars and Bars but the Stars and Stripes.

The slaves today are poor Whites Blacks and Mexicans fighting a war for the rich oil men and the World Bank.

The same technique that the rich used on Blacks in the War Between the States is the same techniques used to day to lure poor white folks and Mexicans into the war. (Fighting for their Homeland and country)

A person doesn’t have a country when they are dead and gone. But if you trick them into believing that they are fighting for their country give them a uniform a gun and a few dollars you can accomplish the rich man’s mission of having the poor die and their rich children live to realize the American dream.

Blacks fought because they believed that the South was their country but many of them new that somewhere in Africa were their real country.

The Ancestors of the Blacks slaves fight today because they believe in a country that has done them harm in many ways too numerous to elaborate. You can call these blacks lucky.

Under the Stars and Stripes they have made an entire industry of locking up young black men in every state of the Union. It’s the new slavery system. So when this man wonders why blacks are wearing confederate uniforms, it is my belief that they would have faired better under the Confederacy.

In fact the Confederate government probably would have help the Slaves conqueror a slave dealing country in Africa and honestly help blacks build up a civilized country of their own in Africa.

Think about it, has any good happened under the Stars and Stripes for the masses of the Ancestors of thee Freed Black slaves are their descendents?

If I had my choice as a Southern free black knowing historically what I know and seeing how black are constantly being tricked and victimized under the Stars and Stripes today, I would take my chances under the Confederacy.