From: ME –
Date: Sun, Oct 10, 2010
Subject: Re: Fwd: Questions about the CSA
To: HK Edgerton –

Mr. H. K., Sir;
Again another lesson well said. You are so right! I have always said that if the North truly was for antislavery then why did they not help the Black Man before, during and after the War to educate them and make them productive citizens.
All I see is the Slaves that were freed were truly left aside by Mr. Lincoln who had no plans on what to do with the freed slaves. How were they to eat? Why were they not given their own land to live and farm on?
The North did not care a damn about the Black Man as no provisions were given to them after the war. Chasing a Black Man from "the only home they knew" here in the States and demanding them to leave, where else did they have to go? I think many thought Lincoln and the Yankees had positive plans for them. Instead they were left to travel to Northern cities and encamp  around these big Yankee cities to find work to feed their families. No medical care or cobblers for shoes for their feet etc. At least they were afforded them when they had their Cabins in the South.
All in all Slavery is wrong in any race, in any country!! That being said I too do not think Washington D. C. has any interest in the Black man. Leave them desperate and when a man is desperate to feed his family he does what he has to do to survive. For that they get locked up in the U. S. Prison systems separating them from their Wives and children.

Then they wonder why there are so many Black Children growing up without a Black man to mentor them.
This nation disgust me the way they treated the Black Man and how they still today do the same. 150 years later and still they are the forgotten. I believe under the Confederate Government they would have been given help and honest work as well as homes. No one can prove me wrong on that because we were not given that chance.
May God Bless you and keep the word of truth coming.
Bro. John Storms BSP/OSF SCV Cp 373, Picayune, Miss.