Re: Pitts article


Chuck, with regards to those that are responding to the Pitts’ article I’d like to make a statement. It will do little good to try and ‘educate’ Pitts as to the truth. He is not interested and will delete your post after reading the first sentence. I’ve been reading the Pitts’ articles for about a year now and there all the same.

You should know that he is a black fellow with a chip on his shoulder and a perfect example of a left wing tool used by Cox owned publications for one. His typical articles are about race in America. He is known to be antagonized by Klan types who have given out his home phone number at one time. He will most likely put Southern Heritage flag supporters in the same basket. He uses Klan type responses as his ammunition and forwards their hateful responses to his editors I am sure.

It is not likely that he will forward your readers and responders to his editors as your subscribers are thoughtful.

I just had to get the word out before I left for the air port (gone for a week) or I’d post the editor’s email addresses. I would encourage all that have posted a respond, to forward a word to Pitts’ bosses to have him fired. What’s good for Imus is good for Pitts.

Mark Lamb