Re: Reconstruction & Personal Liberties

To: Val Protopapas

Sweet reason does not work with these folks—and never has They are in it to make big bucks and/or build their reputations…so they can sell more books, get more votes, gain more power, fill their pockets with more jingle, buy more cars–more planes–more mansions, or win more hearts of adoring young folks-and/or rule the world in the NEW WORLD ORDER!

We need a NAACP for Confederate descendants. and plain old truth lovers. We need an ACLU for Confederate descendants. We need an National Education Association and a National Council of Churches to stand up for truth…the real truth and not the manufactured by the Lincoln Marxist folks in the 1800’s and promulgated every since by those not wishing to know the truth. We need us a B’nia B’rith —some kind of association so tight that we will have the power equal to that of everybody else in every other ethnic/religious/cultural group in this nation.

We can perhaps tailor the title of our group so that blacks with Confederate appreciation and love of truth will join. After all the NAACP certainly has had leaders who were not black.

We’ve had our own holocaust. It is time we tell about it.

It would ring the death toll for lies and liars, if we could ever get our story correctly told to the American public. The powers that be do not wish it told—otherwise there would not have been more than 158 years of lies loaded into American ears and eyes. We wouldn’t have all of these, young, know it all Ph.D.’s attacking the flag that our ancestors fought under, bled under and died under.

Joan Hough



You’re right Joan. We do need these things – but they cost money. Money comes from numbers – from dues paying memberships in organizations. Without money, we don’t have a chance. It takes money to hire PR people, people who will build a positive public image while simultaneously destroying the public image of our opponents. (Yes, it’s a dirty business, our opponents have been playing dirty and maybe it’s time we get down in the dirt with them). It takes money to buy air time, money to publish, money to hire the professionals needed to fight this type of war. It takes money to hire demonstrators. Does anyone really believe that when a large contingent of blacks shows up at a place like Jena, or at Columbia 8 years ago during the Confederate flag over the statehouse controversy, that they actually pay their own way? I would bet money that the NAACP and other like-minded organizations pitch in money, at the very least, for transportation and meals.

It also takes $$ to retain lawyers. Numbers = money for a war chest.

Numbers also have an effect on politicians. When someone walks into a politician’s office and says, "I’m an NAACP member", that politician sees several things, not the least of which is an organization numbering a half a million. Those half a million people have families and friends who could possibly be influenced by the "member" – the politician therefore sees numbers, large numbers….. if someone walked into a politician’s office and said, "I’m an SCV member", (33000 members), what would the response be?

We are poor, we are disorganized, we often times find ourselves at each others’ throats, and these things will be our undoing.

Bill Vallante